In the deserts of Nevada and California

Las Vegas, Death Valley, Salton Sea

Las Vegas is a prominent example, what you can do in the desert as all the precious water. It operates waterfalls, Seascapes and irrigates the greenery of the golf courses.

Gladly one shows, that you can not afford this waste also!

A neighbor of the victims Lake Mead fights against drying out.

He is not just a recreational area and storage for the hydroelectric power plant at the Hoover Dam, but at the same time a gigantic water reservoir.

Scientists are predicting a 50% probability, that of Lake Mead up 2021 may be dried up.

Since our last visit, the water level has dropped by about 30 m!

A frightening sight!

In Las Vegas you do not have to worry, meanwhile,, how water can be saved. They prefer thinking about a pipeline to, heranzuschaffen to water from the north.

We stay at Circus Circus, so that we only have a few meters to the Las Vegas Blvd.

As a string of pearls here lined up the famous hotels along the Strip called on.

Las Vegas seems relatively empty. We look at the new Wynn and Encore Hotels, where the famous Desert Inn had to give way and just opposite a huge building site.

Relatively impressive is the Venetian Resort Hotel, are modeled in the Venetian attractions, including the Grand Canal, ride in the gondolas.

Here we allow ourselves some time and stroll over the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark's Square.

Correct »Las Vegas-mood" comes this time with us and so on do not we say goodbye the next day in the remote desert regions of the Death Valley, where we will stay a few days.

With fabulous weather and magnificent landscape, we feel in the "valley of death" absolutely alive.

During one of our trips to the sand dunes at Stovepipe Wells Village, we stop at a parking bay, To take landscape.

Two cars hurtle zoom and hold immediately before us, although we are quite forward in the otherwise empty parking bay.

Three people jumping out of the vehicles: Ein Ranger in Uniform, A Man and a Woman.

The Ranger is absolutely delighted with our vehicle and turns between its many questions as chief from Death Valley NP ago.

While we explain everything to him, the other two have set up their equipment and take pictures and films.

The photographer moves constantly around us, photographed our conversation from all possible and impossible perspectives. They make you feel like a star! The woman photographs, filming the people and mainly our vehicle – from below! Precisely: Transmission, Propshaft etc.

When exchanging business cards is then clear, what's going! Brian is a photojournalist of the Los Angeles Times and JT. - The Park boss - is the star!

As the only National Park chief he has publicly rebelled against efforts of the Bush administration, to change the mission of the National Park Service.

Snowmobiles and ATVs should be allowed in national parks. That would be the end of nature conservation!

An article in VANITY FAIR enlightens us as to the relationships.

We continue south to the Joshua Tree NP. The park not only the Joshua Trees grow (Yucca Palmlilie), but it will also find two different types of desert into one another.

In the higher elevations of the Northwest, the moister Mojave Desert is with Joshua Trees in the southeast and the Colorado Desert, grow in the cactus.

From here north of Niland for Salton Sea, where we want to meet up with Maria and Otto, we in Lillooet (Canada) to have met.

The Salton Sea is 1905 caused by a dam failure of the Colorado River, having the drain of the Imperial Valley filled. The salty Salton Sea is more than 60 m below sea level and is no outlet.

Here the days go by too quickly and we four have a lot to tell and share Find out more.

Finally, we go shopping to La Quinta, which ca. 70 km north in Palm Desert is located.

Although it only since yesterday some rains, the Highway 111 easily flooded in several places.

In the city all the streets are under water and some are even locked. At La Quinta we stay a few days at Lake Cahuilla, until we have completed our shopping list.

Until our arrival in Mexico let us return to Salton Sea and from there directly to the border to Mexicali.

On an excursion to Niland we visit Salvation Mountain, of here the lovable artist Leonard Knight for nearly 25 Years will be built.

Allegedly were hitherto estimated 380.000 Liter Colour elapsed! The result is a colorful work of art in the middle of the barren desert!

Once again, time passes too quickly and we need to complete our preparations for the onward journey finally.

Finally Gecko gets another Alemania lettering to the front, so you recognize us as equal under the German Gringos.

Fortunately, Otto had one left and gave us this. This saves us the search for an appropriate company.

Thanks again!

We say goodbye and make our way to the border!

Bye-bye USA! Hola Mexico!


“Dirty water is clear again,
if you can stand it.”
(Laotse, 6. or 4.-3. Jh. in. Chr.)