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Sierra Chincua, Patzcuaro, Bumper

The charming Monarch Butterfly (Monarch Butterfly) is a famous hiking Falter, which is easily recognizable by its orange color and the black and white drawing.

For wintering he draws from the Great Lakes in Canada / USA at one of the few places in the ca wintering. 3.000 m high-altitude forests of the Sierra Nevada in the Mexican states of México and Michoacán.

Reaching the Monarch Butterfly In early November one of about 30 Overwintering colonies on the volcanic plateau, have traveled many a distance of more than 3500 km!

In last February / March their ancestors moved over several generations towards the north.

None of the incoming autumn monarch butterfly was ever in Mexico and finds the total of 5-10 hectare wintering places without GPS. An incredible phenomenon!

From visiting a wintering colony in Sierra Chincua later.

In January Lacey reach & Luis in her Toyota SUV the Campground. The two want to December to Ushuaia.

With our new neighbors, we are often on the go or sit together in the evenings for a glass of wine.

Lacey likes Bärbels homemade jewelry, so that they also, as quite a few other neighbors, goes with Bärbel for jewelry class.

Once again, be made of the planned three days all three weeks.

Glenna & Rod organize a free tour in the glassworks.

In addition to glass warehouse and factory outlet provides a viewing platform in the production hall the highlight of the tour is.

As in an anthill wuseln the many workers confused seemingly uncoordinated.

The reference to the on-site retail store ended the half-hour tour.

One of the most famous Mexican pilgrimages performs every year in January to Maria Cathedral of San Juan de los Lagos after San Juan de los Lagos (Jalisco).

Thousands of pilgrims will camp for the night in San Miguel de Allende and leave the place at 24.01.2010 against 7 Clock early, to make on the third day's stage of the nine-day pilgrimage.

With Lacey & Luis we accompany the Pilgrims on a 7 km long section.

The pilgrims marching swiftly, they sing religious songs and in the endless stream of people all age groups are represented.

Along the streets distributing bountiful residents free coffee, Water, Food or other munchies to the far-traveling pilgrims.

The highlight of today's stage is the crossing of the River Laja, which feeds the Reservoir near San Miguel.

Anja & Wolf Mail of the Baja California. You can not achieve our friend Uwe, we recommend on the site for welding.

The scope of their vehicle has to be repaired a crack and needs. We put you in contact and a few days later the Toyota is freshly welded with us in the square.

For nine months, the two the first German travelers.

At Carnival, children smashed with confetti and indefinable dust stuffed eggs on their heads.

Bag, the egg bombs sold to small stalls at the Jardin.

Such treacherous and suddenly the "raids", so that photos from harvesting are hardly feasible. The white gray hairs are still washed today guarantees.

Christine & Hans from Austria for a few days in San Miguel de Allende. We know each other from the southern tip of Baja California from Cabo San Lucas.

The two are on their way to the north, since it in a couple of weeks her motorhome from Baltimore (USA) will shipping to Germany.

And again comes an email, when it comes to Uwe. Nicole, Lothar and Marissa were on the highway by Uwe "thwarted". The D-tag on American Camper has betrayed them!

They come, as well as Uwe, from the area around Mundelsheim. Uwe "reveals" our location and we meet for the first time Panamericana travelers from our region. The three have just returned from the monarch butterflies, we want to look at tomorrow.

Arturo Morales is a connoisseur of the Monarch Butterfly (Monarch Butterfly), at the informative lecture we participated in January. In day trips he brings small groups of San Miguel in the Sierra Chincua, It is the north of Angangueo.

We rent a car, die early start and is about 3.25 Hours, the 200 km distance Angangueo. Of the heavy rains we had heard in Angangueo.

If one sees the washed away roads and destroyed homes with their own eyes, is from an emotionless Weather Information a deep personal involvement.

One looks in the living room inhabitants, Bedrooms and kitchens, because exterior walls were swept away by the floods. The increasing cross-town is largely a grottenschlechte Piste. Everywhere there are boulders and washed away houses radicals!

Approximately 8 km north of Angangueo we reach our destination, on the parking lot are just a car and a German camper.

Since we do not want to walk all the way to butterflies, we take two horses.

Move cross isolated monarch butterfly and the Germans our way, and after an hour we are nearing our goal.

Leaders take us a few minutes walk downhill and innumerable Mariposas are in the bushes, And to see trees in the air.

Everywhere pairs of butterflies and our guides my grinning, that for three days goes like this.

Further down the water are more butterflies! Almost an hour we adhere to here, before we ride back again.

We're so good in time, that we save the scheduled night and return the same to San Miguel.

The next day we visit with Nicole, Lothar and Marissa the secluded place La Huerta.

South of San Miguel is going on the dam over a several-kilometer dirt road along the river.

In La Huerta is one the thickest trees of Mexico with almost 8 m diameter.

It's a Mexican swamp cypress (BALD mucronatum), which also Montezuma cypress is called.

An excursion takes us to Patzcuaro in Michoacan State, the ancient capital of the Tarascan.

Patzcuaro was the beginning of the 14 Jh. Founded in the hills above the Patzcuaro Lake and the area is known for its traditional crafts (Tonwaren, Copper, Ceramics, Carvings, Round, Guitars) famous.

We opted for the La Parroquia Hotel, a jewel of colonial past and in the heart of Patzcuaro located.

Yet it is quiet in the city and the room prices are moderate, since Palm Sunday is only in a few days.

We stroll through the shops of the two main squares, visit the Bibliotheka Pública, The former nunnery, different churches, the market and the La Basilica.

The next morning we drive to a vantage point right on Lake Patzcuaro. We want the Janitzio Island and the Morelos View monument from afar, Since visiting the island should not worthwhile.

We would rather go to about 30 m high waterfall Cascada de Tzararacua, the south of Uruapan is located.

During the descent to the waterfall is a relaxing, itself designed the long climb in the midday heat quite tedious.

The Tarascans-town Paracho is known for its traditional production of guitars.

At half-finished guitar parts explains the first shopkeeper, how he builds his handmade guitars. Apparently he can, without leaving marks on the floor free from obstacles span! A prankster, thinks evil of it!

In front of a guitar shop, we notice these small trucks on, are unloaded from the guitars.

A curious look into the loading area brings more than 100 Guitars to the fore, the, Once you are in the salesroom, were guaranteed handmade from shopkeepers.

Opposite the span free workshop buys a Mexican from Paracho a guitar for his son.

In the nice conversation we learn, that 7-8 the traditional companies sell only the guitars a single company. This explains the van and the span free workshop from opposite!

Jesus, Shopkeepers and graduate luthiers, raves from attending Carlos Santana three years ago. And, he recognized him at once! From a handmade guitar case he gets an identical guitar, as it has also bought Carlos Santana.

It is a beautiful semi-acoustic guitar with excellent sound, the special price, however, is considerably higher than the targeted frame.

We look at some tools, eventually end up back in the "Santana" -Guitar and after negotiating tough accepted Jesús our offer.

From souvenir photo we promise a penalty and Jesús told, that it delivers its handcrafted guitars in the world.

Whether Carlos Santana really sitting on the blue chair, is not so important. Whether that would have been a little air on the price yet, we do not know. But fun has made it and the guitar is great! Now she just has to be played! Late we start the long journey home and only come on when it is dark at the campground.

Marissa is celebrating its second birthday and we are invited. The Party Zone at Camper's pretty decorated and in the afternoon there is coffee and cake. We often sit with Nicole and Lothar evening together. Meanwhile, it is lighter and many evenings already pleasantly warm.

On Palm Sunday already start in the morning the first processions of Holy Week eventful. The streets are decorated with colorful flowers to.

On Wednesday we will visit in the late afternoon with a procession 100 little girls, all of whom are dressed as angels.

For Holy Thursday Uwe announced with family for two nights.

Then, the campground is very Swabian Hand!


“In every creature of nature the wonderful lives.”
(Aristotle, 384-322 in. Chr.)