Travel encounters

Friendship begins with an encounter

Cute travelers and other sympathetic people, we go to know when traveling. The latest travel encounters are at the top of the list.

Travel encounters along the Panamericana

Encounters in North America, Central America and South America

Christiane & Birger (DE)

Christiane & Birger are with her Carthage on the way to South America. It was a nice time together with you two!

Out & Achim (DE)

Out & Achim from Franconia travel in Mercedes Sprinter by America.

Karin & Klaus (DE)

Karin & Klaus we end 2008 taken in the Fountain of Youth SPA at Salton Sea ever. It was nice to see you again both.


Ursula & Armando (CH)

Ursula & Armando from Switzerland with her MAN on their way to South America.

Daniel & Hund Harry (DE)

Daniel & Harry lives in USA, sind in Washington, D.C. and started on the road to Ushuaia.

Andrea, Sebastian, Sven & Alexa (CH)

Andrea, Sebastian, Sven & Alexa have lived in USA and are per Panamericana travel back on the road to Switzerland.

Rachael & Stewart (GB)

Rachael & Stewart travel with their MAN expedition truck slowly from North America to South America. With the British sense of humor, there is always something to laugh about. Nice, that we met you.

Edith & Gustav (DE)

Edith & Gustav are with their motor home on the road in North America.

Christa & Stefan (DE)

Christa & Stefan traveling in Ford Transit 4×4 Ormocar with GRP cabin in North America to South America stages of.


Fränzi & Erich (CH)

Fränzi & Erich traveling from South America to North America and were longer our neighbors. It was a nice time with you.

Nicole & Carsten (DE)

Nicole & Carsten have six months for their trip from Canada to Panama. It is nice, that we met.

Ecki (DE)

Ecki is in a Defender 110 on the Panamericana road south. For interesting discussions the days go by very quickly.

Hilu & Sigo (DE)

Hilu & Sigo stroll with her stylish Pummel (Mercedes Rundhauber) on the Panamericana slowly southward.

Marion & Hartmut (DE)

Marion & Hartmut in a Toyota Hilux with self-developed Ormocar cabin on the Panamerican Highway south road.

Ines & Regu (CH)

Ines & Regu traveling in Land Cruisers with HZJ79 bimobil cabin from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Viviane & Holger (DE)

Viviane & Holger from Stuttgart are in MAN expedition truck en route from North America to South America. It was great to be you encountered two.

Gladys, Jeronimo, Larissa & Esthela (MX)

Gladys, Jeronimo & Larissa with her friend Esthela we have already met several times. A very sympathetic family, their VW bus pulls two KTM's on a trailer.


Margot & Volker (DE)

Margot & Volker started in UNICAT expedition vehicle "Big Ouzo" in South America, and now the road in North America. It was funny and nice to have you met both.

Gitta & Peter (DE)

Gitta & Peter are in their pickup truck from South America to North America go. Long before our personal meeting, we were already in contact via e-mail.

Marina & Marco with Ivica & Nikita (CH)

Marina & Marco travel with their children Ivica & Nikita and dog Charly motorhome through North America.

Arzu & Kevin (US)

Arzu & Kevin come from the United States and are in the pickup campers on their way to South America. It's nice to have met you both.

Mariana & Michael (DE)

Mariana & Michael is on the Panamericana North- go to South America. The result is a unique art project!

Kerstin, Ralf, Philipp & Katarina (DE)

Kerstin & Ralf traveling with her two children Philipp & Katarina along the Panamericana North America to South America.


Martina & Lothar (DE)

Martina & Lothar traveling in her "Manni" along the Panamericana North America to South America.

Heidi & Bernd (DE)

Heidi & Bernd with their motorcycles on world tour. Currently, it is on the Panamericana from south- to North America.

Christa & Otto (DE)

Christa & Otto are on a larger North American Travel. Otto we have already 2008 made in Canada and he has now visited us together with Christa in Mexico.

Heidi & Heiko (DE)

Heidi & Heiko are on North America travel. They take part in a Work & Therefore Travel Program and work between every now and again.

Thomas & Diddi (DE)

Thomas & Diddi join the La Carrera Panamericana 2012 race. After a fun afternoon in San Miguel de Allende we saw each other a few days later at the finish line in Guanajuato again.

Marianne & Erik (DK)

Marianne & Erik from Denmark are with their motor home on the Panamericana North- go to South America.

Simone & Olaf (DE)

Simone & Olaf is with her two dogs on world tour. Currently, it is on the Panamericana North- South America.

Doris & Karl (DE)

Doris & Karl were on their travels in many countries on the road.
Now they are on the way back from Panama and on the way to the US.

Steffi & Benny (DE)

Steffi & Benny travel with dog Kinder in expedition vehicle along the Panamericana North America to South America.

Esther & Erich (CH)

Esther & Erich travel in Expedition Mobile “Mogge” some time in North America, until then goes on to South America.


Andreea & Roman (CH)

Andreea & Roman from Switzerland traveling in VW LT along the Panamericana North America to South America.

Swantje & Stefan (DE)

Swantje & Stefan from Mannheim are in the Defender on the way to South America.

Thomas (CH)

Thomas travels in Toyota on the Panamerican Highway south. Fly by 5 Weeks in nice evenings with stimulating topics.

Sheila & Brett (US)

Sheila and Brett touring Mexico with the camper and come from San Diego. We immediately understand good and Sheila goes with Bärbel for jewelry workshop, to visit a jewelry course.

Tim & Frank (DE)

Tim Mälzer and Frank Meyer are in
Carrera Panamericana 2011 to beat down pretty good the first time, and seem.

Thomas & Tino (DE)

Thomas we met already in the La Carrera Panamericana 2009. For 2010 it is held by the co-pilot Tino Schmidt on track.

Elisabeth & Walter (A)

Elisabeth & Walter are on their way to South America. You use a sabbatical for their travel and be a year on the road.

Petra & Klaus (DE)

Petra & Klaus are with Expedi, a Toyota Expedition Mobile, for several years on the Panamericana road to South America.

Manfred (DE)

Manfred with a Mercedes Sprinter on the Panamerican Highway from North America to South America.

Hudson Family (CH, UK)

Nadine & Michael are with their children Desmond & Lenny by US and Central America traveling in pickup camper.

Nadja & Marcel (CH)

Nadja and Marcel travel with Pickup and Fifth Wheeler from Central America to North America.

Doris & Günther (CH)

Doris and Günther are with Henry, a motorhome IVECO, for several years along the Panamerican Highway south road.

Rita & Rudi (DE)

Rita and Rudi are with their expedition vehicle on a world tour. First on the Panamericana to Tierra del Fuego, then Africa, Australia, Asia …

Margrit & Georg (DE)

Margrit and Georg traveling with the camper through USA, Canada and the Baja to Mexico and back to the US.
Margrit has visited with Bärbel for a week the jewelery school.

Friederike, Andreas & Anton (DE)

Friederike, Andreas & Anton is in a Mercedes back on tour from North America to Central America and back.


Karen, Klaus & dog Jessie (DE)

Karen and Klaus operate on Manitoulin Iceland the Green Bay Lodge. In Canadian winter you go in RV in the warmer south.

Susanne & Andreas (DE)

Susanne and Andreas are traveling by motorcycle through North- and Central America. Andreas is also known as "Prince screwdriver".

Nicole & Marco (CH)

Nicole and Marco travel the Panamericana with a developed IVECO Turbo Daily. The IVECO can be bought in South America.

Nora & Alfred (DE)

Nora & Alfred travel in a Pössl motorhome through Mexico, US and Canada. In San Miguel de Allende they were already several weeks our neighbors.

Magda & Monika (DE)

Monika & Magda have traveled in many countries in different ways.

In southern Africa, they were repeatedly with the VW bus on the road.

On their current tour, the two travel through USA, Mexico and Cuba.

Fritz (DE)

Fritz travels with his Honda Transalp from North America to South America. He is the first German motorcyclists, we meet.

Felizitas & Jörn (DE)

Felizitas and Jörn, with their Toyota from North America to South America.
The entertaining ten days flew by and we experienced together the celebrations for the 200th Independence of Mexico.

Petra & Bernd (DE)

Petra, Bernd and dog Basko traveling in a Hobby motorhome from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. The four common days went by much too fast.

Nicole & Lothar & Marissa (DE)

The three traveling in pickup campers to Ushuaia and we are four weeks neighbors. It is nice, to have met you.

Cathy & Jon (US)

Cathy, Jon and Luna living in El Paso and overwinter in Mexico. As an author, Jon writes about the way to early retirement.

Christine & Hans (AT)

After the first encounter on the Baja, we met Christine and Hans a year later in San Miguel de Allende again. The two were with their motor home several times at North road.

Lacey & Luis (US)

Lacey & Luis travel with their Toyota along the Panamerican Highway to South America and three weeks, our direct neighbors.

Anja & Wolf (D)

Anja and Wolf are on the Panamericana road to South America. First we met online and shortly thereafter also offline.


Janell & Bevyn (US)

Janell and Bevyn, both with German roots, live in North Dakota and spend the winter in Mexico. It is always nice, to have the two as close neighbors.

Glenna & Rod (US)

Glenna and Rod are from Vermont and travel with their Winnebago in the winter in Mexico. They stay for a few weeks in San Miguel de Allende.

Ginette & Michel (CA)

Our friends from Québec on the Panamericana to South America. After six weeks, the goodbye is obviously difficult. We certainly see each other again!

Terri & Mike (US)

Mike and Terri, we have already met several times and so we were already several months neighbors.

They are the authors of various camping guide, including the well-known and popular camping guide for Mexico.

Isabelle & André (FR)

The two travelers are from France and drive on the Panamericana to South America. After that, it should go to Australia.

Alexandra & Thomas (DE)

Alexandra and Thomas have with her Mercedes at the La Carrera Panamericana 2009 took part.

Maria & Carsten (DE)

Carsten and Maria Mercedes traveling in South America to North America expedition vehicle of.

Karen & Robert (CA)

Both live in the summer in Canada and wintering in San Miguel de Allende.

Weber RV Park (MX)

Some campers and the owner of Weber RV Park in San Miguel de Allende.

Kati & Gerhard (DE)

Both come from Guatemala and want in the US, to shipping to Germany. Here it is in the picture only the expedition vehicle "to see our Dicker".

Annemarie & Karl (AT)

Both are with their motor home on the road throughout North America.

Uwe (DE)

Uwe comes from the area of ​​Stuttgart and operates in Fresnillo a metal shop. Welding on the vehicle are possible. Uwe speaks German, Spanish and English. Mobile Number: 044 493 9597730


Edmundo lives in Los Mochis and runs a website about the Copper Canyon.

Sabine & Oliver (DE)

The journey along the Panamericana to go through North America to South America.

Susanne & Ari (DE)

Susanne and Ari go on holiday on the Baja California.


J. T. (US)

J. T. Reynolds is the head of the Death Valley N.P.. He has two photojournalists from the Los Angeles Times this, filming everything and taking pictures.

Siegrid & Gerhard (AT)

Siegrid & Gerhard travel with their expedition vehicle by Volvo North America and South America.

Nicole & Claus (DE)

Nicole and Claus are on vacation in a motor home in Canada traveling.

Maria & Otto (DE)

The two are with her MAN expedition vehicle in Canada and USA go.

Travel encounters in Morocco, Spain, Germany

Encounters in Germany, Southern Europe and North Africa.

Karin & Wolfgang (DE)

Karin and Wolfgang we met in Morocco and Spain often. We want to see each other again in South America.

Ralf (DE)

Ralf is with his Monaco Dynasty travel throughout Europe.

Ruth & Riton (CH)

The two Swiss are with various expedition vehicles travel the world.

“There are encounters with people,
that make life worth living.”
(Guy de Maupassant, 1850-1893)