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Data Backup, Virus Protection, Encrypt data, Save data

Some software tools, which is used only sporadically at home, win while traveling in importance. Move the notebook to travel planner, Kommunikationszentrum, Photo- / VideoStudio, Home theater, to the library, Message center and bank branch. While it may be used at home on alternatives, If you are traveling to rely on the portable all-rounder.

According to the traveler is confronted with a plethora of software issues, with whom he is engaged at home only partially or occasionally.

The following, mostly free software tools (Freeware) can be very useful when traveling.

Data Backup

Move the notebook is greater dangers (Vibrations, Dirt, Theft, Moisture etc.) exposed, as at home at. Especially when traveling regular backups are absolutely essential.

Acronis True Image Home
True Image Home creates in the current Windows operating a backup of the entire Windows system to an external media. With this data protection the system can be fully restored. Of course, individual files or folders can be restored from the backup.

The free FreeFileSync file as reflected entire directory structures and copies only the relevant changes (z.B. new photos).
We store large volumes of data (z.B. Archive Photos, Archive Files, Backups of laptops) on an external hard drive. For data backup, this is determined with FreeFileSync a vehicle in eingebaute Festpatte mirrored.

Data from Viruses & Protect Spyware

Every computer should be protected at all times by a date virus scanner. This applies even more so when traveling, because you are constantly moving in strange WLANs and sometimes foreign media on your own computer or infects. their own USB flash drive from a shared computer.

We use G Data Antivirus, with which we have had very good experience over many years. There are also free antivirus, such as. Avira Free Antivirus.

SUPERAntiSpyware, Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
With the free programs SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware oder Spybot Search & Destroy can check their computers in addition, since you are in the detection of viruses, Trojans, Adware, KeyLoggern, Spyware etc. better rely not only on a program.

Encrypt data

Sensitive data should only encrypted on Notebook, external hard drive or the web space are stored.

If the data is encrypted, can derive no further benefit from the data of a stolen device a thief. We know several cases, where devices were stolen. Acquaintances the notebook was snatched on a fenced and guarded campsite!

The free TrueCrypt encrypts entire hard drive or files / directories. Files / folders will be stored in a so-called container, which is stored in exactly one file. The container file can be copied as normal, so that important data (z.B. Copies Passport / Visa, Credit card numbers etc.) also at several places (Webspace, Webmail, Memory Card Photo, Memory card in the vehicle etc.) can be disposed. Since the data is encrypted, it is not quite as critical, if a third party stealing the memory card or the password to Webspace / Webmail. Unfortunately TrueCrypt is no longer being developed. There is now the project Veracrypt, probably based on the program code of TrueCrypt.

Learn more about Truecrpyt and some alternatives

Save data

Deleted important files or unique photos? The following programs can make deleted files. We have tested the free programs shortly, but fortunately not really needed.

The free Recuva saves files from hard drives, Memory cards or MP3 players.

PC Inspector File Recovery
Free data recovery program for FAT file formats 12/16/32 and NTFS.

PC Inspector Smart Recovery
Free data recovery program for various memory cards.

Free software for recovering data from CDs, DVDs, BDs and HD DVDs.

delete data

A deleted file is not really deleted, discharged only from the contents of the file system. With Data Recovery Software (s.o.) can be prepared deleted files. This also applies to USB sticks, you are sometimes fast out of hand!

The free Eraser deletes correctly, by overwriting files completely.

Example: Encrypted sensitive data in a TrueCrypt container, has the original (unencrypted) File will be deleted properly.

The free Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) can delete partitions / hard disks completely.

The free CCleaner cleans the system and deletes temporary files, Course, Cookies etc. Browsers, the trash, Temporary files, Log files of Windows and old entries in the registry. Secure Erase can be turned on in the options.


If you want to not carry the installation media of its software packages on Travel, itself provides the following solution:

Free CD DVD Burner
The free CD DVD Burner created by a disk (CD, DVD) an ISO file. The installation media of installed software packages can be conveniently stored on a hard drive.

Virtual Clonedrive
The free Virtual CloneDrive allows integration an ISO file as a physical drive. So kann z.B. to install directly from an ISO file is a program, whose installation disk was previously saved with the ISO Recorder.


Addiction existing WLANs and provides a detailed list of detected access points. To inSSIDer V3 the product was free.

The free program saves complete websites on the hard disk, so that they also are always available offline.

CyberGhost VPN Basic
The free service builds an encrypted connection (VPN) to a CyberGhost server on. Only from there it goes into the normal Internet.


  • Internet access via WLAN / WiFi is significantly safer, because the connection is fully encrypted.
  • On WLAN / WiFi router is just the VPN connection to see, not what is being done about it.
  • Access to Internet services, the WG. Geolocation can be accessed only from Germany.

For larger transmission volume a paid fare is required.

Free and popular Feedreader, the automatic notification of new articles on websites, without that the site must be called. Ideal for time-saving eavesdropping of forums, Travel blogs and news. Optional synchronization with Google Reader.

In addition to the favorite browser of Opera can be installed free, since these browsers for travelers provides an interesting feature: Opera Turbo
With a slow Internet connection, a proxy server compresses the sites visited. Although the compression results in a loss of quality in the presentation, But the sites are indicative of faster.


The photo editing application for photographers allows comfortable to manage and edit their own photographs. Supports RAW files from most cameras. For image processing, we use now almost exclusively Lightroom, Sometimes Photoshop.

Zoner Photo Studio Free, Paint.NET
Free, German-speaking photo editing programs with a variety of functions, with which the own travel photos can be processed quickly and easily.

RAW Therapee
The free software allows the versatile editing RAW files.

JPEG & PNG Stripper
The free program removes the Exif data from JPEG & PNG files. The picture remains unchanged, but the file size is reduced (z.B. when images for site).

Riot (Radical Image Optimization Tool)
Great, Free Tool! Scales and compress images for the website. META data can optionally be removed. Batch operation possible!

Advanced Renamer
Actually, no photo software, but a time-saving program for comfortable renaming of all files. Therefore ideal, to many photos rename flexible in one step.

Free software for perspective equalization (z.B. Building shots)

Image Composite Editor
Free software for creating panoramic images.
Alternatives: Hugin, Auto Stitch, Autopano Pro, Panorama Factory
Kostenloses Webtool, the an existing photo to Tilt-Shift-Effekt adds.


K-Lite Codec Pack
The free K-Lite Codec Pack many popular audio installed- and video codecs, such as. DivX, Xvid, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVC, FLV1, FLV4, MJPEG, Cinepack, VP3, The ffyuv, Theora, AAC, AC3, DTS, MP1, MP2, MP3, TrueAudio

Magix Video Deluxe Plus
Award-winning and easy to use video editing software from Magix, almost nothing to be desired. The Premium version comes with some extras.

Windows Live Movie Maker
Free video editing software from Microsoft.

Replay Media Catcher
The program recognizes Video- and audio streams, and records this on. Ideal, to films made for television (z.B. ARD, ZDF) or web video (z.B. Youtube) record and watch later. Converts automatically on request to other formats (z.B. iPod).

Benefit: On slow connections, leading to constant interruptions of a video, can be recorded and played back the video without annoying interruptions.

FLV Player
The free flv player can Adobe Flash Video (FLV and H.264 / MPEG-4) Play files.

Jamendo, ccMixter, thefreesoundproject
Free music and free sounds for their own videos. Note the license conditions!


Audiograbber transformed the local CD collection in travel practical MP3 files on the go.

Music for free download can be found at Jamendo!


SIPGATE extended the German landline via the Internet around the world. By means of Internet connection you can inexpensively make calls to the worldwide fixed / mobile network, be called from there, Send faxes and receive faxes.

Further information at travel practice – Communication

Free software to make free phone calls between two computers. With Webcam Skype is the videophone! Cheap calls to landlines worldwide.

Further information at travel practice – Communication


The free program offers itself as Filezilla FTP Client for your own webspace.

Firefox, Chrome, Opera
The own travel site should be tested with different browsers.

Notepad++, EditPad Pro
Free text editor with extensive features.

Xenu's Link Sleuth
The free program is looking for broken links on your website. If WordPress uses, is the Plugin Broken Link Checker preferable.
Free Generator to create a privacy statement by way of privacy pattern of lawyer Thomas Schwenke. Who the problem of a lack of / inadequate privacy statement does not know, should the podcast The Privacy Statement - Legal information Listen to Thomas Schwenke.

Free software to create a travel site. is powered by WordPress.

Webhoster ALL-INKL.COM
ALL-INCLUSIVE is a professional web host, in which also can be hosted WordPress. Who WordPress itself hosting, should not only on the price, but also pay attention to the quality of the hoster. We operate, and with a private Plus fare in separate WordPress installations (Subdirectories).

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