Pan Grenzen

Formalities and procedures at border crossings

Border Canada

Entry Canada

The customs form with personal information and customs declaration is already filled out on the plane and issued together with the passport at the immigration counter.

From immigration officials questions are asked after the basic tour. The officer was impressed with our route so, that he had no further questions, and even the entry stamp has forgotten.

Usually one must remain six months in country. To Return tickets were not asked.

Customs has checked more than one person from our flyer at the output!

The shipment of our vehicle was carried out by Seabridge with ACL from Hamburg to Halifax.
See also: RoRo shipping Hamburg – Halifax

After arrival of the vehicle does one deal with the waybill first to freight forwarder in Halifax, in which you get the papers for the Customs.

The forwarder had already obtained the approval from the Department of Agriculture, so we were left with this way saves.

The papers presented at customs by the carrier are, of it, granted the release of the vehicle. The very courteous customs officer had to be answered some questions.

We are asked for weapons and food. The food brought (z.B. Coffee, Sauce powder) are no problem. Fresh fruit, Milk powder, Meat etc. would have been problematic.

With customs clearance it comes to ACL terminal in the new port. At the gate there is a card, with which one may enter the premises. The vehicle was taken in reception, examined for damage and creates a log.

In the parking lot in the port area, we could leave our luggage, the grocery shopping, etc.. tranship from car hire in the motorhome.

A battered at the airport rental car from Alamo (National) you can close the ACL terminals at the branch in the Kempt Rd. submit. This saves a lot of driving, since it will also directly on the Highway 2 go to Woodhaven campsite.

Our vehicle was not checked by the customs. After a car insurance was not asked.

Departure to USA

No CA control

No CA control. At our last exit we went to the Canadian customs in Victoria and have asked for an export confirmation for the vehicle. The customs officer has inspected our import papers and thought, that no acknowledgment is necessary!

US border & Alaska

Entry into the US

For visa-free US entry, particularly in the Itinerary Canada -> Alaska (Took) -> Canada -> Alaska (Haines, Skagway) -> Canada -> Alaska (Hyder) -> Canada -> USA, circulating contradictory and incorrect statements.

These statements can go for adoption, that between the entry into Alaska and travel to Mexico only max. 90 May be days. This is wrong!

The US border officials in Alaska has declared us, as it is handled:

Upon arrival in Alaska filling the green entry form (I-94W) out, pays the fee (USD 6,-) and obtains a stay of 90 Meet.

A portion of the I-94W (hereinafter "green card") is stapled into the passport. If you travel for the last time from Alaska (from. B. Skagway on the White Pass), you can at the border crossing Remove the green card from the passport.

We have asked the Canadian border officials about, since there are at the US border station at White Pass when leaving no US control.

If you want even after Hyder (Alaska), Leaving the card anyway Remove the White Pass, since Hyder has no US border station!

During the subsequent entering the United States filling the green entry form (I-94W) again from, pays the fee and gets back again 90 Days!

We have worked so – with acquaintances also! Also 2013 was this procedure for acquaintances even successfully.

Top »USA" is used for the US heartland south of Canada, So for the so-called "Lower 48".

No customs documentation required! After an insurance was not asked!

Entry by ferry
We are from Victoria (Canada) directly by ferry to Port Angeles (USA) entered.

The US entry formalities are in Victoria on the ferry dock (also in Kanada!) handled by US officials. This coming from the vehicle and ask the usual questions. Finally, a look into the vehicle - that was.

The result is a list, with which one goes to the office. There, one is in the queue and the other fills the green entry form.

Overall, it was very easy, presumably because the relaxed nature of Canadians to the US border guards but then rubs off something.

To enter the specification of a US address is required. Just the address of RV Parks specify after the border. In Victoria hung for this purpose even an address list in the helpful US border guards office.

Emigration to Canada

No US control. The green card can be removed when leaving Alaska by Canadian border officials from the passport (s.o. Entry).

No US control.

Departure to Mexico

Our departure to Mexico took place on the border crossing at Mexicali.

No US control. The green card is allowed on the other side with the US entry of the passport remove! (s.u. Mexico border)

No US control.

Mexico border

Entry Mexico

Our entry into Mexico is done by Calexico (US) about Mexicali (MX) Downtown. As expected, There are no US border control between the coalesced cities. Pylons are cleared to the side, and we will conduct in the RV-control zone.

– Vehicle Inspection (MX)
– Leaving people (US)
– Entry persons (MX)
– Entry vehicle (MX)

One can imagine the border crossing as a A4 sheet, the upright there is a. About the lower left corner you drive in the long arc to the blade center (Vehicle Inspection). Emigration (MX) is located in the upper left corner, the currency exchange in the upper right corner and the Bank in the lower right corner. In between, it has about 8-10 Lanes and the currency exchange bank, it may 150 m.

Vehicle Inspection (MX)
Two officers see around the vehicle, asking for weapons and drugs. The bathroom is not seen. There are no drawers opened and it is touched nothing. Duration: ca. 1-2 Minutes.

The vehicle can remain in the control area, until the remaining border formalities have been completed. We are the only motorhome, otherwise only cars.

Leaving people (US)
The green card (I-94W) must be removed by US officials of the passports, thus an official US departure has been made. The road to US emigration leads on the sidewalk at the front door of the MX-emigration past, down the stairs, rum left through the underpass of the multi-lane oncoming lane and left again up the stairs. Who we are NOT at the long queue at entry-, but go left past it and head directly to a free switch. The US officials removed the green card from the passports. The return of passports is a "You're welcome!"Accompanied. A surprising farewell in German!

Time including. One way / return trip: 5-10 Minutes

Entry persons (MX)
The nice Officials at the MX-migration handed us two tourist cards (FMT) to fill out. He wears 180 A day of stay, keeps our passports, gives us the tourist map and shows us the direction to HSBC-Bank, which is as it were diagonally from the counter to the direction of travel on the street Office.
On the way to the bank, we have yet to migration (other side of the street) to the exchange office, since the Bank only Mexican peso (MXN) accepted. At HSBC, we pay the fee of MXN 261 p.P. (ca. EUR 14,50), get a receipt for submission to the Migration, There, the tourist cards and passports to be stamped. Both will be presented to us.

Time: ca. 30 Minutes

Entry vehicle (MX)
Permit the vehicle is not required for the Baja California, but only for the Mexican mainland. Therefore, you can only be there in La Paz get on the ferry to the mainland or equal in Mexicali on the border crossing for trucks, of about 10 km east lies.

We want to do completely the immigration bureaucracy and keep us at the exit from the controlled area to the left. A sign "Banjercito" points the way, so we at the fork after about. 100 m keep left again. Then it goes 10 km straight along the border.

At the eastern border crossing turn left into the parking lot, runs just afterwards right again, to park in front of the long building. In rearmost office obtained at Banjercito the vehicle-Permit, with which the vehicle 10 Years may stay in the country. Copies of vehicle registration, Pass, Tourist card and driver's license were taken by clerk. The Permit is obtained a sticker (Sticker), must be attached to the inside of the windshield.

The Banjercito staff needs a release from Aduana (inch), that there really is a mobile home at the unknown here Vehicle type. However, the Aduana employee is just not there, what a waiting period of about 25 Makes minutes required.

Costs: MXN 690 (ca. EUR 37)

Payment is by credit card, the import duty will be charged and the, if the vehicle by 10 Years has not yet been executed.

Time (incl. One way / return trip and waiting time): ca. 1.5 Std.