Von British Columbia nach Salt Lake City

Whistler, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Yellowstone NP

The scenically attractive "Duffey Lake Road", as the #99 is called from Lillooet, leads us to the image beautifully situated lakes "Seton Lake" and "Duffey Lake" on Pemberton to Whistler.

Canada's well-known winter sports resort Whistler is 2010 The Olympic Games.

The spruced and tidy downtown compares well with Oberstdorf.

From Whistler to Vancouver is the #99 »Sea to Sky Highway" called and massively expanded for the Olympic Games, which brings with it endless construction sites.

Just north of Vancouver is the place Horseshoe Bay, from which we take the ferry to Nanaimo on Vancouver Iceland.

From Nanaimo we follow the TCH (Trans Canada Highway), we've almost been missing, to the south to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.

We stay on the relatively expensive West Bay Marina Campground, but the price is worth it! Our pitch is right on the water on the headland at the large harbor entrance opposite the downtown Victoria.

In the port there is a lot of activity throughout the day. A ferry comes in, a seaplane is ready to start, another ends up straight and in between the small excursion boats and water taxis, several times over chugging a day direct to us.

The roaring engines of the start in front of us and landing over us seaplanes do not interfere with us. On the contrary! The takeoffs and landings are always exciting to watch.

Once it's dark versa absolute tranquility and the city lights allow us to look to a unique panorama!

The underlying message of the loud engines not missed their target. Bärbel would like to make a scenic flight by seaplane!

Of which she tells in the following section itself:

Even the boarding is a new experience. We are brought to the aircraft via a floating wooden jetty, where our pilot Bryan imagines.

With the help of Bryan, we climb into the narrow interior of rocking machine and it is the copilot's seat assigned to me.

The other two passengers sit behind.

We still receive final instructions and explanations for emergencies.

Now we should close the straps, Attach the headset to a better understanding and our pilot wishes us a pleasant and good flight.

The motor of the single-engine Beaver starts and we leave the dock as a "ship" and rocking with the waves slowly between seaplanes, Excursion boats and ferries to "runway".

Now I will but little queasy, But there's no time to think. The machine receives the start permission and within seconds we reach speedboat speed.

We roar over the water surface, right and left whips the spray on the windows and the nose rises slightly upward.

It's noisy, jerky, wobbles, smells of fuel and then we take off. We climb in a steep left turn and reach after a short time our flight altitude.

Bird's-eye view it has an indescribable view of the coastline of Vancouver Iceland, The metropolitan area of ​​Victoria, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the high, snowcapped Olympic Mountains in the neighboring state USA.

Next we fly over small islands, the book style Garden and the residential district of Victoria.

Back it goes green forests, blue lakes and much too quickly we reach the harbor of Victoria.

The machine enters the descent, surprisingly fast touch the skid surface of the water and there is a scarcely perceptible landing.

Again whips the spray at the window, but we are increasingly slow and swim from the dock to our berth.
An unforgettable experience!


We go shopping, stroll through the city, visit the instructional »Royal British Columbia Museum" and drive on the Scenic Marine Drive along the coast through the better neighborhoods.

We also stop at "Mile 0" sign in Beacon Hill Park, the official start of the Trans Canada Highway, which we have followed since Halifax often. The Shield prepares us well for the imminent farewell to Canada.

We decide directly from Victoria with the international ferry to Port Angeles to enter the US. This change unfortunately fall tour of Vancouver and visiting acquaintances in Okanagon Valley – we have met in Morocco – out.

Of course we also want to see more of Vancouver Iceland and therefore go back to the north.

The attraction of Duncan are the conditions laid down in the city 80 Totem poles and for us a German baker. Here we are told, that from six of the same cake eliminates the tax, the law was! Ah, and!?

Either the seller is particularly good at business or there is actually tax laws, we do not need to understand.

In Chemainus has painted many facades with large murals, the so-called Murals.

Here we meet a musician originating from Asia, the front 30 Years has been working for some time in Hamburg at the hotel "Europäischer Hof" and since then has lived in Canada.

In Duncan, So a place previously, We have already taken a German from Schweinfurt, who also lives for many years in Canada and was visibly surprised at our German number plate.

In Coombs we visit the famous Farmer's Market with goats grazing on the roof and continue to Port Alberni.

Let's look at the rainforest nearby and go on designated trails through this mystical acting world.

On the way back to Victoria bring us short hikes to waterfalls in Qualicum Falls PP and the Englishman River Falls PP.

Finally, we visit the west Victoria's Fortress "Fort Rodd Hill", which was used by the military until the 50s.

Nearby is the lighthouse Fisgard Lighthouse, since the 1860 is in operation.

At the entrance to the ferry terminal of M.V. COHO is checked the specified in the online vehicle length. We pay the passage and may do us in the right line of vehicles.

It is 8:15 Clock, US Customs comes from 9:00 the vehicle and the ferry leaves to 10:30 Clock from. The special feature is, that the US Customs dispatches on Canadian soil.

The US officials, the usual questions in the short version and raises from the lowest step a glimpse into the structure.

In the office we fill in the familiar green entry form, can again scan the fingerprints of the index finger and shoot us with the webcam. Although we have already brought this procedure behind us, is it necessary for a second time.

The official kids, It is funny and easy going and we get no further question again the full 90 Daily residence. More info below Border crossings.

In the "Juan-de-Fuca-Straße"Escorted the ferry on both sides of an armed speedboat the US Coast Guard.

Then briefly still plunges Coast Guard helicopter on. It's like in the movie! At the harbor entrance from Port Angeles the speedboats then turn off.

We are very queasy! Whether we are creating the final meters to the investors so without armed escort still!? Fortunately, nothing happened and we can leave the ferry vulnerable without prejudice.

At the exit from the harbor area a short pass control still takes place. We are in the US!

We visit the "Olympic National Park" with the over 2400 m high Mount Olympus, the highest peaks of the Olympic Mountains.

A short walk takes us to the 1913 finished »Elwha Dam", the still of the electricity used.

The weather forecast for the approximately 1,500 km from the Yellowstone National Park predicts the middle of next week a stable period of fine weather. We've been waiting!

Therefore, we do not follow the Pacific coast south through Oregon / California, but head inland through Idaho, Montana east to Yellowstone NP. Of Wyoming then there should Idaho south to Salt Lake City in Utah go.

Um die »Olympic Peninsula« (Olympic Peninsula) departing to the east, we take from Kingston to Edmonds ferry through the Puget Sound.

Then it goes straight through Seattle on the I90 , we up to Bozeman follow the next 1100 km over Spokane and Missoula.

At night it has snowed lightly and we drive around 150 km from Bozeman to West Yellowstone park entrance through a beautiful "pudergezuckerte« Landscape.

Of the Yellowstone NP has been 1872 placed under protection and is thus the oldest national park in the US.

It is located in the Rocky Mountains and one moves on average at an altitude of 2000-2500 m. Now in October it is to -10 ° C at night already crisp cold.

The park is located largely in the caldera of the Yellowstone volcano, the most famous supervolcano our planet.

For this reason there is in the park a large number of hot springs, Geysers and mud pots. Bubbles everywhere, seething, hisses and steams it.

It is in the truest sense a dance on the volcano, because for geologists is an eruption of the volcano overdue. Of course, counted in geological dimensions!

We see bison, Bald Eagle, Wild boar and coyote up close.

The sometimes surreal landscape, the ink blue rivers, the bright colors of the geysers / sources and the diverse manifestations of volcanic activity inspire us so, that the Yellowstone NP occupies in our personal hit list quickly a leading position.

We prefer to let pictures speak and have an own image gallery for the Yellowstone National Park created

Continue to Grand Teton NP, who joins at the southern exit of Yellowstone NP.

Through the park runs belonging to the Rocky Mountains Teton Range, a mountain chain, the highest mountain "Grand Teton" is almost 4,200 meters high.

By endlessly wide plains, we make a detour through Idaho to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.

It is a volcanic landscape with broad lava flows, some volcanic cones and interesting caves.

Then it goes south to Utah for Great Salt Lake, the Great Salt Lake.

On the largest island in the salt lake is the antelope Iceland State Park, we reached via a long causeway.

With beautiful weather with temperatures around 20 ° C, we stay at the beautifully situated and very quiet campground with view of the lake.

It is hardly operation and the next vehicle is maybe 100 meters from us.

In the evening we will be rewarded with stunning sunsets, woken up by the howling of a coyote.

At breakfast freewheeling bison are no stone throw away from the vehicle.

We reach Salt Lake City, the capital of the Mormons, where they have once settled after arduous journey, to found this city.


“The only dangerous on fly is the earth.”
(Wilbur Wright, 1867-1912)