Water problems and poor diesel

Erfoud, Merzouga, Erg Chebbi, Although, Midelt, Azrou

The Erg Chebbi is a ca. 40 km long and 10 km wide dune area with the highest sand dunes of Morocco.

Today's destination is the small oasis Merzouga, 60 km southeast of Erfoud directly to the highest and most impressive dune fields of Erg Chebbi is. Immediately prior to departure in Erfoud we notice water in the rear storage space.

So yet! Then we had already been waiting for, since the water pump nachpumpt since a few days several times. In case of verification, we could, however, find any damp spots and therefore have the pump blamed himself for the pressure loss.

Shell in Erfoud we still leave our empty sub tank fill and then go on to the N13 to Merzouga Rissani.

Because of our "water problem" we want to stay at an auberge north of Merzouga, usually are only a few vehicles on the walled area.

When we arrive at the Auberge, are only our "tipster" here, and so we give in a safe environment our rear storage space from.

Fortunately, it is very quiet, so we hear in troubleshooting from and drop to something. Only where?

Due to the "service-friendly" installation is Water Pump 1 not even to see, at least not expand without a full water tanks, what we want to save ourselves.

In an uncomfortable position, half lying on his back in the rear storage compartment, blindly groping with outstretched arm around the corner in the compartment behind the water tank, ensures the movement of a pump line for a water jet. Following the spouting water jet reaches the groping hand barely the leak.

The small digital camera we do, with switched water pump, Photos from the secluded area.

The details of the expansion of broken elbow with 26 nut, in a large open-end wrench to tight for specialist, without visual contact, with only one arm, the point hardly reaching and lying in an uncomfortable position back in the rear storage space, we will not elaborate on here.

A work of usually 5 minutes takes forever under these circumstances. One of those present said, shaking his head: "That would have to expand one, who built it so!"

When you first attempt to repair the seal of the elbow does not succeed completely, because the visible crack at unfavorable location continues as a hairline crack. Fortunately, the leak could be tested without annoying installation with the mounted on the elbow shower hose.

As we cope transitional well with a water tank, waive a further attempt at repair and seal the open line to the distributor with a suitable end piece.

Directly behind the Auberge begin the high sand dunes, we easily reached on foot. And before we know, We are at our dune hike already in the middle.

In the late afternoon the low sun makes for a charming warm light, which with the shadows, the Dunes courses can appear exceptionally plastically in contrasting game.

After two days in the dry desert air even inaccessible corner of the rear storage compartment is guaranteed dry again. We drive through Rissani and Erfoud, Following the beautiful and palm-fringed Ziz Valley, according to the Blue Source Meski.

The Blue Source Meski is surrounded by palm-filled gardens and is often used by the locals and school classes as a destination and pool.

Guided tour groups here seem happy to stay, so that we find a very geared towards tourism environment.

By chance we meet again Karin and Wolfgang, we met already in Erfoud and before that in El Jadida.

On the N13, we follow the Ziz Valley in the High Atlas to Midelt. It's a nice ride in beautiful surroundings, but in the mountains it is also clearly cool.

When we arrive in Midelt on Übernachtungsplatz, are Karin and Wolfgang as. In the frosty temperatures finally gives the opportunity, to destroy a part of our bunkered mulled wine.

The very next day we would like to continue to Azrou in Middle Atlas, on the beautiful campsite Amazigh, which is surrounded by a cherry orchard.

It is again an enchanting ride through beautiful mountain landscapes. In the summer, it should be even more beautiful in the mountains here.

On the way we feed wild monkeys, but who have almost lost the natural fear of humans and take the food out of my hand almost.

No sooner had we set ourselves on our overnight stay, drive, what we already knew this time yes, Karin and Wolfgang on the square. Meeting No. 5!

After two relaxing days in a beautiful mountain air, we want to continue towards Fez and say goodbye definitively by the two, the travel to Meknes.

In Fes, the thermometer rises to 30 ° C and sultry we lack any motivation, to undertake an exhausting sightseeing at these temperatures.

With a heavy heart we wrestle through to the decision, to visit the Sultan city of Fez until our next trip to Morocco.

Instead, we drive in rural surroundings and bring the postponed visit of Volubilis by, one located north of Meknes in Moulay Idriss Römersiedlung.

Although Romans are there any more, but for school classes, Coaches and probably self-proclaimed "parking attendant" in safety vests, can pronounce the name in your profession flawless German and cash for 10 DH.

Despite the hustle and bustle, the visit of Volubilis has absolutely worthwhile for us.

Then it goes for shopping to Meknes in the Marjane supermarket. As we drive to the large parking lot, we do not trust our eyes! Who sits there while eating in the car? Meeting No.. 6!

The chosen of the two overnight stay in Mehdiya Plage (Kenitra bei) sounds tempting and on our way. So we take our hard fate and make the two company.

From Mehdiya Plage it comes to the magnificent lagoon to Moulay Bousselham, where we spend a few leisurely days in beautiful surroundings with stunning sunsets.

We say goodbye once again by the two, because we travel tomorrow from over Ceuta and continue today to Martil, to spend our last night in Morocco shortly before the border.

In Tetouan we refuel again our sub tank full, Now that we have this pumped into the main tank.

Early the alarm clock, because we want to the first ferry to Algeciras. While this runs only to 9:30 out, but we have one hour time difference with Spain, also um 8:30 Moroccan Time. For the trip to the border, the crossing of borders and the road to the port of Ceuta, we plan 2 Hours. Around this time, many cars and pedestrians on the border on their way, but only 2-3 Motorhomes.

The helpers, despite empty switch fee promises us a time advantage, we ignore. First, it goes to the police (Right on the road) and then the customs (links). Then the cordoned-off area will be opened for us and we will vorbeigelotst left the majority of amazed car. Super Service!

On the Moroccan side briefly our sub-tank is still tapped. Why did not he makes it to the main tank? Probably the conversation with the colleagues is interesting.

On the Spanish side, we want to show our passports: "Germany?«» And «. The hand sign means us, that we must continue. He does not even want to see our passports! Hello!? Schengen border!? Does Spain not to fulfill a strategic task here? Have we not tens of millions EUR to EU taxpayers' money invested in the upgrade of this limit? We might see not just how African refugees, but a passport control, we would have been desired at this so heavily armed border somehow.

Within 20-25 Minutes we are completely, wherein the stop&Go has taken the Spanish "control" a large part of the time. We quickly reach the harbor and calm sea we will cross the Strait of Gibraltar. After two days in Tarifa to proceed Salobreña, where we Ralf want to surprise you with our unannounced visit.

15 km vor Salobreña, in front of the tunnel Taramay, we want to stop for a moment on the soft shoulders, wherein the engine stops. When restarting the motor by itself turns into the red. A shutdown is possible only with the engine brake. After that, he will not start.

Call we inform Ralf, hurrying us immediately to help. Even together we can not solve the problem, so we over Phil, a friend of Ralf, to 4×4 Organize mechanic Keith, which will take the problem the next morning. It is a very restless night so directly to the main street N-340. Trucks thunder all night one meter next to our heads over. Through the wind constantly wagging our bedroom and we are also downhill.

Ralf and Phil are the same in the morning back. Phil brings in WaterCan fresh draft, Spanish diesel, since we have the Moroccan Diesel suspected. Keith, the mechanic, provides after 1.5 h the diagnosis, that the injection pump is out of order.

In Motril, a MAN service point will be located. Lack Phone ride Ralf and the Bärbel 20 km to Motril. In Motril has no free Fitter, which you can send us. The employees calling her boss at MAN in Granada. In Granada you need an order from MAN Service Mobile 24 from Germany, then they send someone immediately los. In MAN24 you need a guarantee for the cost of repairs of MAN branch in Heilbronn. After several phone calls MAN24 gets the guarantee from Heilbronn and Granada will be paid prior to short 15:00 awarded the contract.

But this: Of course, Friday! a 18:00 Clock appears finally the assembler.

He too concludes, that the injection pump must be checked. His boss says, that we must now quickly towed to Granada (nearly 100km!!!), because we could not stop on the road. Why not 20 km from MAN to Motril!? We would have to decide the immediate, because he goes home in a few minutes and only on Monday is back. Moment! Try Us anyone here to put pressure on and exploit our situation? Who has the fitter only 2 hours. later to 17:00 Sent clock and now wants a decision within 5 minutes?

That concerns us too fast! We want more time to consider and drag once not from! This is followed by phone calls and discussions on the way forward. We decide to tow to Motril.

Against 20:00 Clock we take contact with the ADAC to. The nice lady says, if we could not get any better could tow until tomorrow and would be, when we even insist. The night is a little quieter, because hardly go for weekend truck.

On Saturday Ralf is right back on the spot and directed us the best wishes of Karin and Wolfgang from, are also on the square in Salobreña.

Again several phone calls to the ADAC are to be made, which also takes care of a rental car and offers us the procurement of a hotel room.

But we do not leave the vehicle alone and will also live during repair it.

The imposing tow puts us right in front of the MAN workshop in a parking lot off.

Here we are in the industrial area on the weekend absolutely quiet. Although not a soul lives, we feel safe.

On Sunday Karin visit, Wolfgang and Ralf. Grabbing the camping furniture and make us right in the industrial area on the wide walkway a nice day.

On Monday, we are equal before starting work, we have not so far, office at MAN Motril. There one gets back on in Granada and send the mechanic, who was already on Friday as.

One must understand the? We are in a MAN repair shop and let a technician from Granada come, expand to an injection pump!?

The nice mechanic from Granada thinks, that the vehicle probably will finish on Wednesday. A tip will only accept Antonio, when the vehicle is running again. Professional honor!

Tuesday: We do not want to annoy and therefore does not call in Granada, if it really works Wednesday. Shows how later, other care for us why.

Wednesday come early in succession, the phone calls from MAN24 and ADAC, that the vehicle is ready for today. Due to an unclear information we cry then but directly in Granada.

There we will be confirmed by the chief: "I'm doing this morning otherwise, than to make calls because the camper, thus getting ready quickly. "

Brand: ADAC Switch! The keep continuous contact with the workshop, build as indirect pressure on, thus accelerate the matter and the customer can not blame the workshop.

Then also appears already Antonio. The injection pump was cleaned by Bosch in Granada and the injectors have been replaced by Antonio. Furthermore, we will replace fuel filter, Oil filter and the engine oil.

Poor fuel is the cause of the problem. It was not by pure diesel, but an unidentifiable mixture, probably similar with petrol.

Apparently took place because of the mixture zündfreudigeren also the revving of the engine, provided that this was once jumped.

The bad "Diesel" in the main tank is then pumped into a Packed Antonio Barrel. According Fuelbook comes the "Diesel" by SHELL in Erfoud. After completion of repair the engine starts perfectly on the first try.

We thank Antonio, of modest means, that was his normal work.

Even now, he accepts reluctantly to the of us like given tip.

Overall, it took six days, until the vehicle was roadworthy again.

Thanks to the help of all concerned but this was not unpleasant time, apart from the first two days of the noisy main street and the mental load.

We would like to take this opportunity to again all helpers.

Finally we drive to the parking lot after Salobreña, on which we stand then also longer than planned.

On the way back to wintry Germany We do not want to take, because it is there up to 20 ° C colder!

After two weeks, but it is finally time, that we get quickly on its way to Germany. We therefore say goodbye for now and will soon introduce our next trip plans.


“All-wheel drive means, that you get stuck there until,
where the tow truck no longer reach.”
(Unknown Origin)