Links & Addresses

Links & Addresses for expedition vehicles and travel

For Travel, the travel preparations and vehicle procurement, we have put together a few websites and addresses here.

Andere Travelers

Our journey encounters

The links to our travel encounters are housed on a separate page: Travel encounters

Travellers, which we have not yet met

Websites Review, we have not yet met in person, but want their website we point.
Silvana's website about traveling and her life. In particular, their balance sheets are very personal, authentic and expressive. Worth reading!

Travel Information

Pan Infos
A lot of information around the Panamericana-Trip. Links to good Panamericana info (Accommodation places, Limits, Shipping etc.), Link directory of websites of Panamericana travelers, special search engine for Panamericana tour and latest Panamericana-News

Travel Forums
World Travel Forum for Self-Drive
Forum for travelers on the Panamericana
World Travel Forum by Astrid & Martin (more accurate: MArtin)
World Travel Forum by Ingrid
The Forum for the Globetrotter DZG
Latinoportal – The Latin American Community

Centre for Travel Medicine
German Society for Tropical Medicine
fit-for-travel - healthy when traveling
Robert Koch Institut
CDC – Centers for Diseas Control and Prevention

General Travel Information
Ministry of Foreign Affair – countries- and travel information…
Country overview plug, Mains voltages and frequencies
Globetrotter meeting in the German-speaking


Shops for travel, Expedition supplies and outdoor equipment
Expeditionstechnik Därr: Sale and rental of satellite communications equipment from different manufacturers / operators
Trophy-Tec: Satellitenkommunikation, Offroadnavigation, GPS, Board computer
Helmut Ginster Expeditionsbedarf
Lauche & Maas: Outdoor, Expeditionsbedarf, Travel equipment etc.
WLAN antennas / directional antennas, mobile Masten, Pigtails u.v.a.m.
Store Electronic Translator & Dictionaries from different manufacturers.
Electronic translators are ideal for travel. Most large dictionaries of several languages ​​are included in one handy device.

Shops with International Shipping

Abroad are not always the matching item available, so you have to order in Germany. Here we link suppliers, with whom we have had good experience in foreign trade.
Beds-Anne has provided us with new duvets, because we go no matching found. Settlement email was courteous and professional. The delivery was made by DHL package International World to Mexico. Delivery time: 14 Days. Shipping: EUR 29,90. Perfect service!

Infos Expeditionsmobile

Experts and specialists for expedition vehicles

ITLD (formerly TeMaCo)

Customer Support expertise in the area of ​​expedition vehicles, Vehicle and equipment by an expert. Mr. Hildebrandt had to 2006 senior officials in the Unicat Fahrzeugbau GmbH and has over 25 Years with the construction, the construction and the equipment of expedition vehicles engaged.

ITLD, Reiner Hildebrandt, Hasel shot Alley 11, 76872 Steinweiler
Telephone: 06349-9909940, Telefax: 06349-9909920, Car: 0152-01785631

die Reisemobilwerkstatt

Wilfried Arendt is a former employee of the Unicat Fahrzeugbau GmbH (Expeditionsmobile) with solid craftsmanship. Specializing in interior design, GRP work, Bellows (New production / revision) u.v.a.m. for expedition vehicle and motorhome.

die Reisemobilwerkstatt, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 8, D-68753 Waghäusel-Kirrlach
Telephone: 07254 5367, Telefax: 07254 957074


Andreas Bischoff is a former employee of the Unicat Fahrzeugbau GmbH (Expeditionsmobile) with solid craftsmanship. Specializing in interior design, GRP works for expedition vehicle / camper and Individual expansions for transportation of motorcycles.

Multibikevan, Krautstückerweg 17, D-76706 Dettenheim
Telephone: 07247 3983614, Telefax: 07247 3983615

Live sand textiles

Specialist for expedition equipment and mobile equipment motorhome – z.B. Interior upholstery, mobile Schlafsysteme, Curtains for construction / cab, Mosquito nets etc.

Live sand textiles, Waghäusler Str.6, 68753 Waghäusel-Kirrlach
Telephone: 07254 72211, Telefax: 07254 3927

Carpenter Healer Seufert

The two carpenters are experts in designing and custom manufacture of high quality furniture for the complete interior of Expedition vehicles.

Carpenter Healer Seufert GbR, Carl-Benz-Str.2, 75015 Bretten
Telephone: 07252 84623, Telefax: 07252 975626

Manufacturer Expedition Vehicles
Ark Mobile - expedition vehicles and empty cabins with and without lifting roof
Specialist for expedition vehicles in Isny ​​im Allgaeu
UNICAT - manufacturer of our Expedition Vehicle
FUESS Expedition Mobile and Mobile-wheel
Langer and Bock – Expeditionsmobile
Action Mobil (A) – Manufacturer of expedition vehicles
PRO CAB – Manufacturer of expedition vehicles
Bocklet – Manufacturer of expedition vehicles
Woelcke - wheel travel- and Expedition Mobile
Tortoise (CH) - Travel- and Expedition Mobile