Canada we come! Finally back on the road!

Halifax, Calbot Trail, Cape Breton NP, Louisbourg, P.E.I.

Sunday, 15. June, 6:20 Clock: The sound of the slamming door is like the start signal of our trip to America!

Preparations are at an end, now it gets serious! Five minutes later, we parked at the bus stop and wait for the Wiesental regional Karlsruhe – Mannheim.

The prepared mailer with our car keys, let's take the mailbox against a.

From Mannheim brings us the ICE directly to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport. Check-In, Security check, for gate, then the amended Gate, Boarding, by bus to the runway and 6:40 Std. later we already landing in Halifax, Canada.

At the immigration counter one questioned us friendly to the purpose of our immigration. Our reply »With the RV through Canada to Alaska", seems to impress the cute officials so, that he has come up with no more questions and he also still the same forgets, to press the entry stamp in our passports.

By Rental Car, we will continue until the arrival of our motor home, it goes on the highway 102 & 118 for Woodland Ave and over the imposing Angus L. Macdonald Bridge nach Halifax, directly to the Hotel Westin.

Just behind the Westin starts the Halifax Harbour Walk, where we explore our 1749 start of the English founded the city.

The port is the second largest natural harbor in the world and free of ice even in winter. Halifax offers a manageable downtown, with interesting contrasts of historic buildings and contemporary architectural new office buildings.

On foot, we explore the sights!, wie den Brewery Market, the clock tower and the Citadel, from the 1828 was built to defend the port and city.

We notice a German speaking couple, we greet you with "hello". Both greet back and just go ahead.

After 10 m you stop and turn around a little surprised: "Do you speak German?"Since the two had a lot in Canada / Alaska road, We get plenty of advice.

Our tour on Cape Breton Iceland we begin in Baddeck with an overnight stay at Telegraph House and a visit to the Alexander Graham Bell Museums.

The versatile inventor, which was mainly known through the invention of the telephone, spent at his home in Baddeck the summer months.

According to our guide reminded him the landscape of Scotland, where he spent his childhood.

We circle the Northern part of the island on the ca. 300 km long Cabot Trail, by the Cape Breton National Park lead and, with impressive views of the rugged coast of the most beautiful scenic routes in North America.

The "Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site," is a kind of museum city, which was reconstructed on the original ruins founded and fortified by the French city.

The style of 1740 dressed people give the visitor a good idea of ​​the lifestyle of that time.

In rainy weather and few visitors to the blacksmith has enough leisure, to forge us as a souvenir a wall hook.

The blacksmith could then produce only everyday objects, had to be obtained during weapons from France.

In the house of the engineer, one of the most beautiful houses in the village, speaks of "engineer" with us German, because he lived in the 60s a few years near Lahr / Black Forest.

Prince Edward Iceland is by ferry or via the in June 1997 finished ca. 13 km long "Confederation Bridge" be achieved. The way back is chargeable, where the bridge is slightly cheaper.

Coming from Cape Breton Iceland, we take the ferry from Caribou to Wood Islands in the southeast of the island.

In the misty route from the staff at the bow lookout is maintained and all 2-3 Minutes the other ships will sound warning Nebelhorn.

P.E.I. dressed and tidy acts, almost unreal maintained, out of a picture book. Virtually every house is surrounded with a millimeter accuracy shortened Green area, which approximately corresponds to the dimension of a German development area.

Everywhere you see people driving on lawn tractors, bring the already short grass back to the same length. One gets the impression, as if the houses are surrounded by a golf course.

The red-brown fields of farmland act similarly maintained. In the ferrous red-brown earth thriving particularly valued potatoes, but grain, vegetables and fruit.

On this all seems a little too neat - too sterile, to representing.
We visit Prince Edward Island National Park, and the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside. On the ca. 290 km long "Lady Slipper Drive" we arrive at the beautiful coast to the North Cape Island, with lighthouse and wind test station.

Along the way we visit the Bottlehouse, with built of empty bottles buildings. That Kartoffelmuseum in O'Leary was unfortunately closed.

About the imposing »Confederation Bridge« we drive Truro, which is located in Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy.

The Bay of Fundy has up to 21 m the largest tidal difference in the world. The exact times are obtained at the tourist office.

As we know only there, Truro is good for yet another surprise: Surrounded by the city are six original members of the Berlin Wall.

The time to "tidal wave" we spend with a walk to the waterfalls in the recommended Victoria Park.

We marvel at the Solomon River, how this conversely its flow direction, a small tidal wave of the "Bay of Fundy" upstream rolls and can increase the level of the river.

Back in Halifax, we're going to Peggys Cove, a sleepy fishing village, which has become a magnet for tourists from around the world.

The village enveloping fog makes part of an unreal atmosphere.

On the small tour we visit the memorial to the victims of Swissair Flight 111.

When forwarder Atlantic Custom Brokers we learn of Robin, the customs specialist, that the ship, the Atlantic Cartier, was delayed and therefore not yet carried out the customs clearance of the vehicle. If it should still work out today, calls up 12:00 an. We depend on a mentally another night at the hotel. Barely an hour later, the phone rings and we can pick up the papers in the forwarding office.

At the customs, we are presenting the papers of forwarding, our passports and car registration. We are asked for weapons and food.

The nonexistent weapons and brought food we give truthful and shall not introduce any foods (z.B. Coffee). Fresh fruit, Milk powder, Meat etc. would not run away.

The very courteous customs officer says, we could the 5-10 min., while waiting for the recall of his colleague, spend in the cafe in a neighboring building. He then wants to bring us the papers to the cafe. Great service! This must be thought of times in Germany!

Customs did not see the interior and the contents of the external storage compartments of the vehicle!

With customs clearance, we drive to the new port terminal in Halifax. For the security area, we get an identification card at the gate.

The vehicle handover is carried out relatively quickly and easily. No damage and no missing parts. So you want it! More info below Border crossings.

The uncollected upon arrival at the airport rental car from Alamo (National) we give a few hundred meters from the port terminal in the Kempt Rd. ab. This saves us a lot of driving, since it onto the highway to here directly Woodhaven RV Park goes, lt. Self-promotion of the Halifax closest camp site. Here the packed for shipment vehicle is put back into the usual travel state.

From Woodhaven RV Park, we make our way to New Brunswick (New Brunswick), but have with the changeable weather is not good luck. To wander In some heavy rain in the national park or to drive without a view along the coastal road, This need not be.

So we are faster than expected in the province of Quebec and thus in a different time zone.

From Trois-Pistoles we cross by ferry to the Saint Lawrence River to Les Escoumins. That sounds unspectacular, but there are less than 30 km along the shortest path through a "river", the already here, to even narrower point, acts like a sea. In the prevailing wind and sea conditions is correspondingly.

The Ferry Times depend on the tide and are found here.

We drive over Tadoussac on the north shore of the Saguenay along the Lac Saint-Jean in Saint-Félicien, where we the Zoo visit. Back to Saint Lawrence River it goes on the southern shore of the Saguenay River / Fjord, in the mouth area you can watch whales in the Saint Lawrence River at Pointe Noire often.

Since the weather does not promise better visibility and we can not see any whales, we make ourselves on the way to Quebec City.

We stay on the Beauport Municipal Campground, from which we easily for ca. 25 CAD will be taken by taxi to the city center to the parliament building.

Quebec City hat 2008 that 400 year anniversary of the city, which is celebrated by many events due.

In the old town of Quebec City most of the sights can be easily reached on foot.

We have stopped us a day in Quebec and saw all the major attractions for us.

Impressive is the landmark of the city, Schlosshotel Castle Frontenac.

The ride on the Funicular (Funicular) from the upper town to the lower town we let us not miss.

Quebec we thought was quiet pleasant town, their citizens certainly offers an above-average quality of life.

How strung pearls on a necklace now follow Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

We are self-excited, if we all these cities are doing to us.


“And he girded up the shoe.”
(Laotse, 6. or 4-3.Jh. in. Chr.)