From Marrakech over the High Atlas

Marrakech, Ouzoud, Zagora, DADE-Of, Todhra Gorge

Marrakech - the Sultan city and former capital, the Morocco gave its name - is achieved through red-brown landscapes, Set in the rich green of color Arganien contrast.

It draw ocher hills over and we cross wide plateaus at about 1200 m Height.

The further we get into the city, the more driving to the concentration exercise. All are on the road today: Trucks, Taxis, Buses, Mopeds (also "3sitzige"), Cycles, Pedestrian, Wheelchairs, Horse-drawn carriages and donkey carts.

And somehow, the same as masse, traveling at different speeds and in any direction, also across the carriageway, accomodating on our track, suddenly persistently or right overtaking. Between traffic cops try with loud whistles and resolute hands the lively jumble to regulate something. But almost everyone moves or his vehicle carefully, prudent and adapted, so that there are hardly dangerous situations.

The landmark of Marrakech is about 800 Years old and about 70 m high minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque.

The parking lot next to the Koutoubia mosque is for sightseeing an ideal place for the night, because here most of the sights can be easily reached on foot.

On the narrow front parking are just Automobiles. Rear »around the corner" you can but for 50 Stay DH.

On the famous square Djamaa el Fna (Place of the Dead) we observe the hustle and bustle of jugglers, Water sellers and musicians and visit many attractions of this unique oriental city.

In the souks we go shopping and act at the Babouches (typical Berber shoes), until the dealer I'm-after-the-purchase-bankrupt starts his show. "Good quality, best price, costs only material, Handwork, real leather …"

But we know the price and will not be the first dealer agreement, insults turns away without passing. That is also part of the show and we therefore make no head.

The second dealer would be happy together for all shoes 1000 DH. We laugh at him and he is fast at half the price quoted.
»Only for you, my friend. Good quality, best price, costs only material, Handwork, real leather …". And, and the ...

In 300 DH we encounter a stubborn resistance line, that needs to be cracked. Now we tell him, that us another trader already 250 DH has commanded, but that is still too expensive.

As a "deterrent" Shoes are presented to us from the competition, is sewn into the corrugated cardboard. This part of the show hardly impressed us. "We pay 200 DH and not more, my friend!". He just wants to go any further into it,. As a further escalation in the hard bargaining Poker we give the impression, to go now finally back to the first dealer. The acts! He promptly agrees with 200 Ie - it yet, my friend! The action begins to make fun of.

Open WLANs can be found in the parking lot of Marjane Casablanca on the road to.

A detour takes us from Marrakech in the almost 200 km away Ouzoud, the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Morocco.

The single-track and unsecured mountain road winds in narrow bends partly steep rocky up. We usually have the deep abyss on our side and therefore look forward to the sufficiently wide, but unpaved strip along the tarred road Dodge.

Which 100 m high waterfalls, the fall down the rock in two stages, are very impressive. Only the very touristic environment spoils the enjoyment of nature in this magnificent setting.

Then we return to Marrakech, to from there on the N9 via Tizi-n-Tichka (watch out 2260 m) the High Atlas to cross to the south.

It's a beautiful drive through a fascinating mountain scenery with great views and secluded, built on a slope mountain villages.

Shortly before the summit, we meet by chance acquaintances with their MAN-VW, coming from the south and just insert a break in this beautiful area. We are joined for a few minutes to replace and recent experiences and latest information from.

The High Atlas, with its up to about 4000 meter peaks, represents the natural barrier of the Sahara. This we see especially clearly, when we find ourselves during Südabfahrt abruptly in the desert steppe. This abrupt transition, we would not have expected. Compared with Algeria, the desert in Morocco is urged by the High Atlas much further south.

We reach Ouarzazate the green Drâa Valley, following on the "southern road of Ouarzazate" the desert to Zagora. In Zagora speaks to us on a moped driver: "I Mechanics, have workshop. Lubricate Camion?" "How much?« »50 DH komplett.« »OK!"We follow him and we will proudly presents an absolutely clean and tidy workshop.

From a big fat bucket grease gun is filled with your fingers and immediately two employees go under the car and make out with the grease nipple. The whole troupe is absolutely nice and accommodating. Whoever comes through Zagora, can here for around 4.50 Leave EUR Lubricate the vehicle!

Garage Iriki – At Aziz
Av Atlas – Zaouite Elbaraka 45900 Zagora – Morocco
GSM: +212(0)66663083 / (0)67736655
GPS: N30 19.373 W005 50.323 / N30 19.248 W005 50.397
4×4, Land Rover, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan

Already in Marrakech we noticed, that the vehicle sporadically dripping. After the now regular drops now became even stronger and it smells much for diesel, we drive to Agdz on the beautiful CP Kasbah Palmeraie, which is surrounded by a magnificent palm grove. Here we want to tilt the cab alone and look for the cause.

It takes time, until we find the leak at the torn line. The plan is fortunately not centimeters away from the connection point, so that we can shorten the flexible conduit to the plan and re-connect.

We also take advantage of the opportunity, the newer of the two Family Kasbahs (Kasbah = castle-like building) - The Kasbah Asslim – to visit. The grandfather of the current owner was the last Kaid (similar to a count) this area and controlled an area within a radius of about 20 km. The old and the new Kasbah of the family were connected by a bridge, among which once led the caravan route through.

It is an entertaining and insightful tour of the still inhabited Kasbah, which takes us back to the era of big caravans and gives good insight into the traditional family life.

Finally, we enjoy the expansive views from the roof terrace in the beautiful Draa valley and the old Kasbah in the immediate vicinity.

Now it's all about the Ouarzazate Dades Valley along on the road of Ouarzazate in the Dades Gorge. Here, too, offer again beautiful views of the wild and romantic valley, on extraordinary rock formations and old Kasbahs.

In narrow bends the road winds uphill and offers a dizzying view over the switchbacks down to the bottom of the gorge. Since you already looking forward to the return trip!

We drive back to the "Road of the Kasbahs" and the beautiful Dattelpalmenoase Tinerhir in the Todhra Gorge.

In the narrow gorge Todhra gigantic rock faces protrude partially 400 m vertically into the air.

At the narrowest point the gorge is just 10 m wide.

We cross Tinerhir a piece on the N10 towards Errachidia, then einzubiegen in the R702, which will lead us into the Tafilalt Erfoud. From oasis to oasis, it is partly impressively wide wadis along through vast desert plains, the shimmering through reddish or brownish mountains are bounded on the horizon.

In Erfoud we want to stockpile and buy us in Suq vegetables, we exchange money in a bank and there are apparently only diesel from barrels in the desert oasis Merzouga, we will fill here in Erfoud also still the same our tank.

From Erfoud we want to Erg Chebbi, the highest sand dunes in Morocco.


“Change strengthens the appetite.”
(Euripides, 480-407 in. Chr.)