Day of the Dead und Peña de Bernal

San Miguel de Allende, Bernal

Der Day of the Dead (day of the Dead) is one of the most important Mexican holidays and is celebrated every year on the first and second reading in November.

According to ancient Native American belief, the souls of the dead visit their families on this day.

In Mexico, this holiday is celebrated as a family festival – not as a day of mourning. It is eaten, drunk, make music and dance.

Thus, whole extended families meet at the grave of the deceased and bring food, Drinking and the guitar. Who itself plays no instrument, can engage one of the numerous Mariachi bands for musical entertainment.

For ceremonial reception of the returning souls the tombs are decorated with colorful flowers and candles.

With orange and yellow flowers adorned sacrificial altars adorn the homes and public places.

An image of the deceased, his favorite foods & Favorite Beverages, Sugar skulls and skeletons cast are lovingly arranged on the altars.

Interracial colored corn and beans are also used for decoration.

In public places especially the hungry pigeons appreciate the decorative lining.

In the Parroquia, the bottom plates of Día de los Muertos occasion removed before the altar, whereby the steep stone staircase is released to the underlying crypt and we can descend to the old tombs in a mysterious world.

The air is slightly musty, we see tombs in the walls, stone sarcophagi and the soil consists of labeled grave slabs.

One goes and stands on graves!

The atmosphere is strange, mysterious, awesome and peaceful.

The visitors are mostly present Mexicans, Leave the partly flowers at the graves of their ancestors.

A day trip will take us about Querétaro in the ca. two hours distant colonial town Bernal.

After Mount Augustus in Australia and the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro of the Peña de Bernal is the third highest monolith of the earth.

From the special energy of this place we feel because of the grueling ascent very little.

But with every meter the view is spectacular over the beautiful valley and the small town. Along the footpath peddlers sell their cold drinks and fortifying food with high towed cooler bags.

And in the mighty wall of the monolith we discover individual climbers, climb to the remote peaks. On the way back we meet a North American who is already several times traveled through Germany, and even some German speaking. It is always amazing how many people you meet, speak at least a few words of German.

Momentous encounters usually occur unexpectedly.

Supermarkt MEGA! Long line at the bread - very long snake!

Bärbel turns ever on, while Joachim poised various baked goods from the shelves with pastry tongs on our aluminum tray.

Behind Bärbel now forms a fully bearded gringo the end of the queue. A South German language be snapped on scraps leads him to the question: Do you speak French? We agree on English!

Michel and Ginette are from Quebec and are en route to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. The two remain about six weeks in San Miguel, around here to take Spanish lessons. Den Spanischlehrer, a young Mexican, they have met in another store.

We rave about the advantages of our peri-urban space, and Michel is obviously interested, because the two are a little further out on the Siesta RV Park.

We promise him an email with the link to the website of our parking space and a short Directions. But how do we write down the e-mail address? Our pens and the back of his shopping list complement each other perfectly!

The next morning, Michel and Ginette visit our RV park and for the next six weeks our neighbors. We discover many common interests and fours between us evolves over six weeks Friendship, which goes beyond the usual scope of a traveling acquaintance.

We wonder all, allow communication through a foreign language at the variety of topics such works without problems.

And if it jams with English times, is evaded in Spanish (similar to the French) or we understand the French word or one of the two the German word.

Every year celebrates throughout Mexico on 12. Dezember den Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe).

Die Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgin of Guadalupe) is Mexico's patron saint and is worshiped as the patron saint of the whole country.

Church bells of San Antonio Church (in the immediate vicinity) ringing from early morning until late at night, Music plays and firecrackers explode.

Afternoons are about 100 Riders and their horses at the church, our road is closed and many of the faithful lined up in a long queue in front of the church on.

Maria, head of the family of the Webers (RV Park), sold to one of the yard gates homemade, good tasting food at the numerous passersby and church goers. At the conclusion of the feast day, there is the evening at the San Antonio Church of this typical Mexican Fireworks.

The charity "So Others May Eat" looking for a great charity event at 24.12. still volunteers. We report our assistance by phone at.

On Christmas Eve, to people in need, many impoverished or homeless, are supplied with free food and drinks. Organizers expect about 800 to bewirtende guests.

Promptly at 10 Clock we pass the descriptions Goal, go through a 30 m long tunnel and reach a large courtyard in the grounds of the Parroquia.

Shortly after we meet a more helpers from Canada, said Elsa from Toronto even has German roots. Her grandmother spoke German nor.

We begin with the construction of numerous chairs for the guests and the few tables for eating. For guests no tables are provided.

Countless gifts are fetched from a space, partially completed and built on one of the tables near the stage.

The gifts will be raffled later in a raffle among the guests.

So against 11 Clock are a few more helpers arrived, We spread a canopy over the chairs and then start with the preparation of food.

Lack parent organization, we declare ourselves responsible for the production of sandwiches and organize together with a teacher from New York a small "assembly line", at about 10 People perform the individual operations (cut open, spread, Ingredients (Cheese, Tomatoes, Salat) to prepare, occupy, wrap it in napkins, bar).

Thus, in the next two hours, a few hundred sandwiches are produced and passed on to the next department, if necessary.

Shortly before the official start to appear 13 Clock more and more "helper", Hanging often in the best clothes and some with great reflex on the well-fed Gringo Belly.

First, we believe that this crowd of pale-faces for a sightseeing tour.

But no, also these are "helpers" with the official name badges – be seen and be seen, seems to be the motto here.

The free food for the helpers should be mentioned in this context.

In fact, only about 300 Guests come and still plenty of food exists. This is distributed among the departing guests goodbye, which they gladly accept.

From a German perspective, the lack of targets for continuous workflow and rudimentary sanitary conditions (Handwashing in two "common" bowls) to complain about in the organization of the event. Ultimately sanctifies the good end justifies the means and the objective was indeed best achieved in Mexican way!

After about five hours we say goodbye, because another celebration awaits us - a Potluck.

A potluck is a feast, to which everyone brings something to eat and drink. On our RV Park today such Potluck will be held.

Some campers have brought friends and one of our neighbors has invited the same all the other campers to camp.

It is fully in accordance with, and many strange faces abound on the otherwise very straightforward place. There we talked a lot, eaten, drank and laughed.

Maria brings the evening campfire still a cracking homemade punch, she has freshly prepared with different fruits from the region.

The non-alcoholic punch is Mexican from a big bottle "Agavensafts" according to the personal taste individually "refined".

Around midnight delete the last campfire and a fulfilled day draws to a close!

Now we count the days, because Ginette and Michel traveling on 27. continue.

There is still so much to talk about and corresponding time it is also the following evenings.

Isabelle & André from France go after two weeks also on 27. continue. The two Frenchmen also want to Ushuaia and then to Australia. Around noon, followed by the heavy farewell to Ginette and Michel.

One last group photo, a friendly hug and the two make with our best wishes on the way south.

On New Year's Eve we take along with Glenna and Rod on an Indian Full Moon ceremony in botanic garden part. Today there is a Blue Moon, So the second full moon within a month. On New Year's Eve this very rare phenomenon is all about 19 Marvel years.

The Indian ceremony should lead to inner balance with nature and earth. Rattles, drums, Whistle, singing, Fire and incense creating a mystical atmosphere high above San Miguel.

We wish all our readers a happy year 2010!


“It is better, in fact,,
to have on the journey through life friends
as grateful addicts.”
(Oliver Goldsmith, 1728-1774)