Impressions of Fuerteventura

After Fuerteventura one comes only once or repeatedly

Fuerteventura is one of the wildest and most unspoiled islands of the Canaries with several meters high, sandy dunes at Corralejo in the north and the long sandy beaches in the south.

Due to its proximity to Africa Fuerteventura offers ca. 300 Sunny days per year with a balanced climate.

Small scattered villages, green oases, grandiose Bergzüge, lonely landscapes and endless sandy beaches give the island a special fascination.

It is: After Fuerteventura one comes only once or repeatedly.

The recordings of the year 2004/2005 created.

Impressions Fuerteventura

“Each country has its own particular soul,
like a man, which you battle survive.”
(Christian Morgenstern, 1871-1914)