Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar

Europe's only desert

Just now – in December 2007 – celebrates the 20th anniversary Park. A dream of desert-like landscape, craggy cliffs, in wonderful colors shining mountains, beautiful sandy beaches and stunning bays.

The scenic spectacular part of our trip so far is also called "Europe's only desert". How do we experience this again and again in natural wonders, can neither words nor photographs describe the totality of impressions comprising, let alone convey. That's why we let the words, but show a few photos.

In the Salinas de Acosta in Cabo de Gata can be temporarily observe flamingos, where to make days already 2000 Animals were counted.

After several hikes in the mountains along the beautiful coastline and the attractions in the park our visit journey continues.

Within a few kilometers shows again a completely changed landscape, with alternating ugly tourist settlements with large plastic sheets of farms.

Mostly the transition from plastic sheeting and sea is barely visible. An interesting aspect is, that interfere with many travelers on the plastic sheeting, but then just purchase inexpensive at discount stores which including farmed products. Bon Appetite!

When Übernachtungsplatz search in Calahonda we know Günther, the next day we go together to Salobreña. On the pitch the pretty town of Salobreña, we are still learning Ralf, Know Gerd and Tekla.

The entertaining afternoon goes to the mutual vehicle inspection seamlessly into a convivial evening, which is completed at the then somewhat cooler evening temperatures Seasons meet with mulled wine. A fun day and a very funny evening!

High above the pitch in Salobreña enthroned since 10.Jh. Moorish castle Castillo Árabe of documented, which was used by the Nasridenkönigen well as a summer residence.

Early the next morning we bring the tiring meters to the castle behind us, visit extensively the entire system and enjoy the magnificent view in the Sierra Nevada and the coast. We want to continue in the afternoon to Granada. Always these goodbyes ...

The UNESCO "Heritage of Humanity" in Granada – the Alhambra - is of course an absolute must-. It's incredible, what hundreds of years ago by the builders – the Moors (not: Maurern!) – has been done. That must have seen oneself!

The west coast of Salobreña should be well worth seeing, and so we go from Granada to Cordoba not directly, but back to Salobreña, to Cordoba then to visit from Malaga.

The weather is, as indeed had to come again, by dreamy 6 Weeks now slightly worse, so we postpone our trip to the mountains on our way back to Cordoba. We pick Günther again and drive along via Algeciras in the nice town of Tarifa.

Our overnight stay is ca. 12 km north-west of Tarifa on a beautiful sandy beach with high dunes and views of the ca. 20 km distant Africa. Ships, pass the Strait of Gibraltar, go right past here.

We continuously meet interesting travelers. Including a nice couple from Canada, inviting us spontaneously to Canada.

Shortly before the end we say goodbye in Tarifa by Günther, the direction of Portugal drives. We wanted to go to Morocco, and the 30.12. Shipping Algeciras to Ceuta from.

Breakfast it goes on 30.12. nach rate in the Algeciras.

Since we are familiar with in Algeciras something, we find the agency with the cheap tickets also at first attempt. In temporary promotional price is available for 100 EUR (normally 188 EUR) not only the Hin- Return Ticket (2 people, 1 Camping Car), but also equal to the finished completed customs documents for the vehicle and one form per person for entry to Morocco.

We want to reach the next ferry in time and go right to the port. There are hardly any waiting time and before we know, leaves the fast ferry the port of Algeciras, and we have a great view of Gibraltar.

In Ceuta we fill our low diesel tanks and make us after refueling equal on the way to the border. The so-called "helpers" we ignore and suggest by confident appearance, while ignorance the necessary border crossing knowledge.

The border formalities are easier, when we had this taken from the descriptions of the books and forums. Overall, we need ca. 55 Minutes to complete the border crossing.

From the border we drive from the Mediterranean via Tetouan directly the Atlantic to Larache on a free campsite, which is operated by one of the ferry companies. Here we also meet Mike & Sue from Canada again.


“The best part of beauty is the,
the image may not play.”
(Sir Francis Bacon of Verulam, 1561-1626)