Do you travel more or have you lived?

San Miguel de Allende

In Dawson City we succumb almost the relaxing tranquility of the far north, the charming Victoria prevent the autumnal temperatures just worse and the beautiful beach of Baja California invites the passing mainland ferry daily to ride.

Now the charming colonial city of San Miguel de Allende exudes the carefree lifestyle of the South, Minus temperatures are a stranger here, and in the hilly upland urges us not to proceed on ferry!

So the magical and colorful atmosphere of the Pueblo Mágico clouded our senses, we discover something new every day, Meet the extraordinary people and the days draw inexorably over.

So it's done: We book our overnight place already on a monthly basis, we have been a good four months have Mexican mobile numbers and are now in the central highlands in San Miguel de Allende.

In mid-April pack up the last "winter holiday" from USA and Canada, make your RV ready and embark on a small convoy on the long trek to the north.

Now only three sites are on RV Park continuously occupied and as well as our remaining neighbors are temporarily traveling, we have the RV park practically to ourselves.

Only rarely come this time of year new travelers. Maybe two campers per month, who stay only for a night or for a week or longer equal to either.

In any case, much less pale faces in the streets of the city are from April to see and we experience only the pleasant aspects of underutilized, tourist infrastructure. From July, the tourists come back, But San Miguel never seems crowded.

The rainy season, and accordingly is dry and dusty late June.

The throat is uncomfortable even at short errands, almost painfully dry and one remembers old Western, where the heroes ended the long ride in the salon, to flush itself the hot dust from the dry throat.

Everyone hopes, that awaited rain comes soon and thus the breathing air is dust-free and cool.

With artificial irrigation is carried out in the RV Park an unequal struggle against the indomitable drought.

Dinner often whirling gusty winds meter high clouds of dust across the square and through the midst of motorhome.

the mouse, the slide could just wear on the table, feels then like a sanding block to sand paper on.

San Miguel is the city of festivals, Art and culture.

Music and fireworks accompany the numerous festivities, which are celebrated mostly on weekends and often over several days.

Even at church festivals modern open-air live music and fireworks are often an integral part of the event.

At the San Antonio Iglesias half the night music is played and one of the largest fireworks just before dawn – at about 6:00 Clock in the morning – fired deafening!

How mad the church bells are rung by hand to vociferously. Unimaginable in Germany!

The Dia de los Locos is celebrated in June "Day of Fools", allegedly at the colorful and crazy move up to 10.000 Fools and over 50 Participating vehicles. A truly foolish pleasure!

Culturally San Miguel is a treasure trove of a special kind.

Musikkonzerte, Dance performances, Film Festival, Exhibitions, countless u.v.a.m Galleries. ensure, that comes with absolutely no boredom interested.

For personal development, a variety of arts and crafts courses offer.

These include the learning of musical instruments, Dance, Jewellery Making, Carpet weaving, Do pottery, Painting, Fotografie u.v.a.m.

Worth mentioning are the numerous language schools and teachers remain, inform the next Spanish and other languages.

The rainy season starts and the dry dust disappears.

Most afternoons pull isolated white clouds on the otherwise blue sky. In the distance, they become denser, darker and move inexorably closer.

Then Tláloc accomplishes quickly be refreshing work and can usually shortly after the warm glow of the evening sun shine again.

The landscape is changing rapidly. Greens Everywhere, drives and sprouting nature.

"The leaves sprout stuff" is the translation of Tláloc, the name of the rain god of the Aztecs.

In August and September it is to work overtime, because, in these months, due to the delayed beginning, expects the peak of rainy season. We are excited and will report!

Our stay in San Miguel we experience as unexpected and enriching stage on the journey so far.

This part of the journey brings its own unique qualities with itself, with whom we have so not expected and we do not want to miss.

We will spend the next few weeks in San Miguel and also in the surrounding areas be traveling.


“That's what happens,
when you go on trips.”
(Albert Lortzing, 1801-1851)