Kolibri, Lunar Eclipse and pilgrims march

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Mexicans know the eventful history of their country and are proud of the Mexican national hero, courageously for freedom Mexico risked their lives.

In Mexico, the year 2010 dedicated to the 200th and the 100th Independence Revolution. Everywhere, new roads built and historic buildings to be restored, to give a worthy setting for these celebrations.

San Miguel de Allende is located in the geographical heart of the independence movement. So it's not too surprising, that some of the famous national hero of San Miguel de Allende submitted: Ignacio Allende, Juan Ignacio Aldama brothers and Pipila.

According to consuming the round anniversary is celebrated in San Miguel de Allende, but more on that later.

In March 2009 We met Uwe and his family in Zacatecas and we wanted since then to meet again.

The Easter celebrations 2010 in San Miguel and five exiled Schwaben (Nicole, Lothar and Marissa are still here) Six good reasons, to motivate Uwe and his family for a long trip for a meeting Schwaben.

The joy of reunion is large and set up the tent quickly brought. When atmospheric campfire, extensive sightseeing and impressive Good Friday procession pass the days together in a flash.

In a spectacular ritual are on Easter Sunday at lunchtime about 20 Judases "burned". The oversized puppets are suspended from the Jardin, rotate hissing in a circle and one after the other with a deafening bang explode.

Kids drag the rumliegenden arms, lacerated legs and weggesprengten heads as trophies to take home.

In early April it is quiet, because our neighbors to go to Canada or USA back and Nicole, Lothar and Marissa are on their long journey to South America.

Thus Bärbel attended increasingly their jewelry work (please refer Schmuckgalerie) and Joachim deals with the new project PanamericanaInfo.com and technical improvements to ReiseStationen.de.

In June Ginette and Michel returned from Central America. The two have changed their travel plans and canceled her trip to Panama Panamericana.

You buy here in San Miguel de Allende, a house and so we have until early September again solid neighbors.

This year's rainy season makes its name.

With huge drops of rain begin daily, prevails within minutes chaos in the city, no free taxi to get, Streets become rivers, even high sidewalks flooded and "upstream" moving vehicles coming slowly up the mountain.

In RV Park forming in front of and behind the small motorhome Streams, that disappear so quickly after the biblical rain, as they have emerged. Before and after appears mostly in blue sky the sun.

Thus, the RV Park is the end of August from its green side, as Petra, Bernd & Stop dog Basko on lush grass their hobby camper.

The three are on their way to South America and write alongside her blog for the hobby site, and the customer magazine.

The detailed guided tour for German-speaking newcomers is now ritual and so take Petra & Bernd the offer gladly. Await visitors from home and have a few entertaining days even more.

Shortly after reaching Felizitas & Jörn den RV Park.

Both are passionate surfers and with her pretty Toyota on the way back to the famous surf spot 'Scorpion Bay' on the Baja California.

As it turns out later, will they settle for a little longer on the Baja.

Many Mexicans spend this year's holidays in the geographical heart of the independence movement and San Miguel is packed.

Houses and streets are magnificently decorated, countless parades and fireworks accompany the 200th Celebration.

A highlight is the famous "El Grito" on 15.09. at eleven clock at night is.

At this historic event seems quite Mexico to be at the Jardin and it is so unbearably close, that we can avoid the strong pressure against the ground with difficulty backwards.

Fritz, who had previously contacted us already by email and is on its way with a Honda Transalp, meets the early October, a.

He would like to learn Allende in San Miguel de Spanish and we recommend him the language teacher Alicia, an acquaintance of Bärbel, which comes to class in the San Miguel RV Park.

Time to pack! Bärbel flies the end of October in the home, There is a lot to organize, a thousand things to order and everything what needs to Germany, will be dug out from the depths of the motorhome.

With the car we head into the 20-million metropolis Ciudad de México (Mexico City).

On a broad intersection we notice, that it would have been really right to the airport.

Police on the other side to confirm this and my, that it is a bit complicated to airport (not what it was).

The flowing movement of multilane intersection is stopped by colleagues, we can reverse drive into the intersection, Turn by U-Turn and two Motoradpolizisten escort us to the airport.

Super Service!

Also flight home trip run smoothly pleasant!

Zum berühmten Day of the Dead (01.11) Magda and Monika announced, arriving two days after departure Bärbels.

With car hire and tent they are on a larger trip to America (USA, Mexico, Cuba) möchten und den Day of the Dead in San Miguel de Allende erleben. On her many travels, Several times a VW bus through Africa, backpacking through Asia, etc., the two have already experienced a lot and tell many funny stories.

The surprise is big, as even a blue Pössl from Böblingen in RV Park Arrive. Alfred has started in Baltimore and now to explore through Mexico.

For interesting discussions time flies and goes further than Alfred after eight days, also sits Bärbel again on packed suitcases.

How quickly three long weeks but then pass!

With the car it goes back to Mexico City and our reserved room is based fast.

Time lands Bärbels flyer, but then it takes another hour, to keep us at the airport we finally in the arms.

When customs everything worked fine, since Bärbel was not controlled as well as the return trip the next morning runs without any problems.

In early December comes Alfred back for a week. He presents his Pössl from here, flying home for Christmas, to come back in January with his wife Nora.

Meanwhile fills the campground with old friends and acquaintances. Anne & Jerry, Terri & Mike and Karen & Robert came back.

We are especially pleased this, that Janell & Have re-booked the place right next to us Bevyn.

A Party to the total lunar eclipse is organized quickly and in hot mulled wine at a crackling campfire, good music and good spirits observed the whole campground cosmic spectacle until the early morning hours.

Recently departed, coming shortly before Christmas, the two German motorcyclists Susanne & Andreas (The screwdriver Prince) back to San Miguel. Susan motorcycle makes suspicious noises, which let the experienced mechanic Andreas fear the worst.

A good decision, To solve the problem in a familiar and safe environment, where there are many tips and moral support from the whole Campground.

So about half of the seats is occupied by German travelers at Christmas.

The big potluck Christmas Eve is the "social summit" of holidays, where the birthday is nachgefeiert of Terri with a delicious birthday cake.

We are heading for the evening campfire again strong mulled wine at and with the high demand of funny solubilizing Aufwärmers but then pleasantly surprised.

After the Christmas holidays a few travelers make their way and the two motorcyclists are now only on a single machine go.

A nice tradition we learn on 06. Know January. Marianna brings in the jewelery workshop a Rosca de Reyes (Epiphany Cake) With, are baked into the little doll.

The one, who discovers in his piece a little Jesus, "May" spendieren the "Día de la Candelaria" tamales and atole.

Of course, Bärbel will find it and remembers the 02. February ever in the calendar before.

End of January, thousands of pilgrims marching through San Miguel and we want them with Terri & Mike accompany a few kilometers.

At 7 clock in the morning, as the newspaper writes, leave the pilgrims to Jardin. We are on time at a nearly deserted square.

Telling a woman, that the pilgrims have gone off shortly after 5 clock. Na first!

We grab the next taxi and give chase. On the way we see scattered groups, try the same thing on foot.

Our comeback in the taxi is successful and we accompany the pilgrims to the provisional "toll bridge" on the river "Rio Laja", is requested for a small donation for the crossing of every pilgrim.

So it's still early in the morning, when we explore the bird-rich wetlands near the river and Terri & Mike giving us a first introduction to the Mexican avifauna.

"Birding" is in the US a popular leisure activity and as we are with the two a few days later in the "El Charco del Ingenio" go, where we 30 observe different species of birds in one day.

Claudia & Uwe we already know by e-mail, when they reach their motor home San Miguel de Allende. The two want to take Spanish lessons and we recommend re-Alicia, which has now been informed several travelers.

Bärbels birthday is getting closer and Terri makes for a great birthday party. It prints invitations and organizes the associated Potluck including the birthday cake - a Black Forest cake.

About 50 People have come and it will be celebrated from the afternoon until late at night. A nice festival, Terri really well organized!

The German-born Karen & Klaus - who operate in the summer months in Canada a Lodge – are of their tour to the South back.

Karen has a sewing machine here and George & Joyce in her apartment one room available.

Flight tables and chairs will be ordered and set up a "sewing room". Karen leads Bärbel in the world of Quilting on.

The next two weeks is Bärbel barely visible – it is either in the jewelery workshop or with Karen in the sewing room.

The current German traveler does not break off.

Margrit & Georg are on their way back north and Nora & Alfred coming back from their extensive tour of the Mexican south, to travel north to Alaska also after.

Rita & Rudi from Esslingen are a Volvo expedition vehicle on the Panamericana road and stay for a month in San Miguel de Allende, to take Spanish lessons with Alicia.

Rita & Rudi arrive just in time to see values ​​»Festividad del Señor de la Conquista".

The "Festividad del Señor de la Conquista" is a religious festival, which dates back to a historical event in San Miguel de Allende and is celebrated on the first Friday in March.

In honor of a statue of Jesus come hundreds of traditionally dressed dancers, pray and dance all day in the city streets.

Ideal for taking pictures, See photo gallery Feast of the Lord of the Conquest.

We spend a wonderful day trip with Janell & Bevyn, in which we attend to the public newly opened pyramids »La Cañada de la Virgen" 25 km southwest of San Miguel.

Then it goes to the "Puente de San Rafael", a historic bridge on the famous Silver Route ("Camino de la Plata" bzw.. "El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro"), since 2010 UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With a trip to the Sanctuary of Atotonilco, which has been restored since our first visit and since 2008 also is a World Heritage Site, we decide the nice trip.

Yet another Party! We celebrate an anniversary in San Miguel and load the campsite, including the owner's family and a few friends from outside to an evening around the campfire.

Stephen is a professional musician, has brought his guitar and gives a little "concert" at the campfire.

From his virtuoso guitar playing all are enthusiastic and cheerful festival then goes even further until the early morning hours.

A few days later we celebrate the birthday of Maria, the owner of the hacienda.

Again, the whole campground is, Janell & Bevyn have the birthday cake organized and Bärbel "crowned" Maria with the crown, she had to get herself on her birthday from Karen.

On the back of the crown name and birthday is entered and the crown is passed at the next birthday.

End of March rely Janell & Bevyn, Shortly thereafter, most other acquaintances. All too soon the days go by and Rita & Rudi make unfortunately already on the way to Mexico City.

Shortly before reaching Doris & Günther from Switzerland the RV Park in San Miguel de Allende.

Both are with their IVECO camper – which is given the name "Henry" – on the Panamericana road to South America and will afford us for the next eight weeks Society.

In a hummingbird nest on the campground is now brooding diligently and we can, as the "Mama" is on the road, make a quick photo from the freshly built nest with the two tiny eggs.

Departed acquaintances we had promised, sending corresponding images and the result is our Hummingbird mailing list, which grows rapidly by word of mouth.

Kevin, son of Marcella & Hans and grandson of the hacienda owner Maria, will be three years old and we are invited to celebrate.

The third birthday is a special festival, because imagine that day the parents their child of the Church.

So we find ourselves punctually on a Oratory, where every child is given an individual exhibition.

The ceremony takes place in the ornate chapel "Santa Casa de Loreto", a replica of the Santa Casa in Loreto, Italy.

The richly decorated chapel was in the 18th century. built and is not usually open to the public.

Finally, the family offered to all those small bottles of holy water from Portugal. A nice reminder!

In the afternoon of the hacienda is in the secluded garden celebrated under the old trees. Many children have come and so the inflatable slide is often busy at their capacity limits.

In the obligatory "Piñata"Beat the child with a stick on a hanging rope made of paper mache figure, until it candy "raining".

Towards evening Kevin cuts quite confident the birthday cake and it's hard to believe in his skilful approach, that it has become today only three years old.

Am "Good Friday" (Friday before Palm Sunday) be in some private- built and commercial buildings and at public fountains elaborately decorated altars, which are open to the public in the evening.

The altars are with white, purple and red flowers decorated and bitter oranges represent the tears of the Virgin represents.

Many people are therefore in roads and visitors to the beautiful altars are free drinks and snacks offered in some cases.

We are particularly impressed with an altar at the Teatro Ángela Peralta, representing motionless altar figures in the surviving people. How exhausting must be that honor!

The hummingbirds are now also hatched and grown well. To relieve "our" little bitch, we Hummingbird Nectar dispensers (Hummingbird-Feeder) worried and hung near the Hummingbird Nests.

The glass vessels are cleaned every two days and filled with fresh sugar water. The Hummingbird holds the feeder for a flower and gets it the coveted nectar.

During "Semana Santa" (Easter) We visit various processions (view picture) and it amazed us again and again, with what self-sacrificing devotion and what a great effort these processions are carried out.

Am 29. April the young hummingbirds leave the nest and with the last images we close our Hummingbird mailing list. Toll, that we all Photos & Could make videos of adolescent Hummingbirds.

Which Hummingbird Pictures and videos Kolbri we published on a separate page.

The Hummingbird Babies have remained faithful to the campground and we see them repeatedly drink from the nectar donors.


“Life without festivals is like a long journey without stop.”
(Democritus, 460-370 in. Chr.)