The unique parks of the Southwest

Salt Lake City, Arches NP, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon

Salt Lake City is not only the capital of the State of Utah, but also headquarters of the Church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day" Holy, whose followers are colloquially known as Mormons.

By their leader Brigham Young, the words "This is the place!"Said, He founded quasi the city and so laid the foundation for the state of Utah, which arose later.

The sprawling city area is located in Salt Lake Valley and is surrounded by two mountain ranges, where all kinds of winter sports are operated. Therefore, Salt Lake City was 2002 Venue of the Olympic Winter Games.

In Salt Lake City (SLC) we will stay a little longer, since the water pump is leaking, the new pump comes from Germany by courier and we let them install the same in SLC.

Thanks to the perfect organization of the company TeMaCo the ordered spare parts arrive within a few days by Fedex.

With car hire and new water pump, we die to said MAN workshop »Lake City International Trucks".

The repair of the European truck but do not dare to, and give us a piece of paper with the address of Freightliner, belonging to the Daimler Group.

At the specified address but are only houses. class!

In the absence of tangible alternatives we opt for Plan B!

On our route there is a car champion, who has worked for many years in Germany. Although there are another 400 km to his workshop, but as far as the water pump is already currently hold!

We call, to make an appointment. However, the master car mechanic is building a house and has no time to spring - not a single day! I beg your pardon!? We are here but in the wrong movie!?

By means of Internet research, we find, next to the correct address of Freightliner, the address of a small Land Rover workshop. Who will repair Land Rover, building a well, a water pump in a MAN!

With the car we drive for Land Rover workshop, as we face contact more effective than a "anonymous" call appears.

Bill makes a few repairs, since it mainly sells Land Rover Parts. He would also like to include us the water pump, but his hall door is 40 cm too low!

Helpful he calls his friend to Clark, who promised to repair phone!

We go directly to the workshop, to make an appointment and to clarify the details. Here are of 3-4 Mechanics Land Rover, Porsche, BMW, Audi repaired and all US brands.

Also on Unimogs has been working and so you have no fear of contact with a German truck!

The next morning we stand around on time 7:30 Clock in the hall.

We have replaced the water pump and the holding arm of the hydraulic pump for tilting the cab welding / strengthen.

The mechanic Ryan, who has previously worked in a truck workshop, works absolutely carefully, prudently and conscientiously.

That is why we make here also equal to the great service and still leave a precaution the radial shaft seal on the front Yoke replace, since this was, little leaking.

Everything costs together would have cost less than in Germany only the great service. The address is in our Workshop addresses to find!

Of course we are also in SLC go, look at the city at, run errands and visit the Temple Square (Temple Square).

Here we get a free tour, of two young, cute "sisters", a Swiss woman and an English woman, is carried out.

During the quite interesting tour we discover very distinct elements of a marketing event, their commercials but do not bother us particularly.

The temple itself is not allowed to enter, But the impressive demonstration of the acoustics of the Tabernacle is already the guide value.

Finally, we must fill in an assessment map, has also an address field.

We leave it blank, since we are not at home, due to the presumably appearing visit to receive.

Now it's on to Arches National Park, the Park with the imposing stone arches.

On our first visit a year 1996 we only had a few hours, to explore the quickly accessible by car Lookouts.

Now we will take a good two days and stay at the very nice campground in the park, of this time of year is already relatively empty.

The stay in the park has something special, as we witness sunrise and sunset close up in this magnificent setting.

And the clear, cold nights affording wonderful views over an indescribably vast starry sky.

On one of our walks we also pass the Wall Arch, the collapsed a few weeks ago.

Fortunately, this happened at night, because the trail went straight through including!

We will visit the Dead Horse Point State Park, we stay on the also very quiet campground.

In state parks admission price is usually credited to the campground fees, so you can stand more on the most beautiful spots surrounded by a beautiful natural for a few dollars.

Here even with electrity, BBQ and covered seating with lockable cupboard!

A neighbor of the Canyonlands National Park is located, where we take two short hikes and us otherwise on the Viewpoints (Viewpoints) limit.

We want to continue to Monument Valley, the epitome of the Wild West.

Along the way we visit the Natural Bridges National Monument.

Here there are some natural Bridges (Bridges), in contrast to the Arches (Sheets) relatively straight and whose breakthrough caused by rivers and streams, the abkürzten its original run in this way.

We drive south to the Valley of the Gods, the Valley of the Gods.

Suddenly the paved road becomes a Dirt Road, shortly thereafter the winds in narrow bends partly steeply down into the deep valley.

On the three miles are only 5 MPH (8 km/h) allowed.

From Morocco, we are accustomed to such routes and can enjoy the dizzying views into the deep valley anyway.

In the valley we turn in the 17 Mile gravel road, which runs through the Valley of the Gods.

The red rock formations in the Valley of the Gods are already a small introduction to the Monument Valley.

Afterwards we make a short detour to the Gooseneck State Park and the views of the meandering San Juan River absolutely thrilled.

Passing the Mexican Hat it now goes straight to Monument Valley, in the territory of the Navajo Indians.

A friendly Navajo conceded the price of admission and lets us pass!

Other travelers had to discuss, before they were left with the truck on the "Dirt Road".


The runway has not improved since our last tour of Monument Valley.

In the beginning it is quite unpleasant, later on sand it gets better.

With your own motorhome to drive through one of the most spectacular scenes of the famous Western classics, which has what!

So we enjoy every minute when driving through this impressive landscape!

We are back to Sunset at the beginning of the slopes and views from up here down to the gorgeous red mesas.

The next day we go to Page to Lower Antelope Canyon, which lies between coal power plant and the city right on the road.

The tour starts on an inconspicuous wooden hut and appears with USD 26 per person comparatively expensive.

Through a narrow gap in the rock, we descend into the bizarre world of this canyon and are amazed, how nature always brings something so beautiful and unique to conditions.

Our guide has his guitar, To demonstrate the good acoustics of the narrow canyons.

With the rather quiet Navajo then developed yet but a nice conversation, when we recognize his being played pieces of Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton and express a desire music itself, he can use.

The tour of this natural wonder was worth every penny to us!

Round 30 Miles to Page toward Kanab turn right the Cottonwood Canyon Road from, which leads directly to Kodachrome Basin, which is located southeast near the Bryce Canyon.

The Cottonwood Road is an approximately 60 km long, scenically attractive slopes, to be traveled but only in dry conditions and with all-wheel drive.

Highway is shortened considerably from, Driving time you should save but barely.

The road conditions may in a visitor center a couple of miles in advance on the left side of #89 be requested.

During the nearly three-hour drive, we take only one vehicle.

We stop, her pass to the silver-colored Jeep.

The stops next to us, the passenger opens the side window and thinks: "Hello! Great track! Where are you going?"

It's unbelievable! Deep in Utah, where hinverirren hardly locals, Hitting German tourists!

In Bryce Canyon we stay on the campsite situated in Park.

From here we are a few minutes walk right on the edge of the canyon, without having to move the vehicle.

We want to shoot in the light of sunrise and sunset and take a hike down into the canyon.

It dawns on straight, when we arrived at after breakfast 7:15 Start clock.

The temperature corresponds approximately to the time, However below freezing!

But there are even more Crazy, crawling already rising at this time from the warm camper or frozen out of the tent.

Some tent dwellers already warm campfire.

At the edge of the canyon already a hive of activity. Almost everyone has camera and tripod case.

We also see couples, who are traveling with two tripods and two cameras, what almost seems a bit exaggerated.

For a brief moment one is almost inclined, to photograph the photographer's.

Once the soft light of the rising morning sun brightens the delicate rock formations, the early alarm and the freezing cold at 2,400 m are almost forgotten.

Here we also meet Siegrid and Gerhard again, we have last seen in northern Canada and then visit us at our place.

The next day we make in wonderful weather a very nice hike through the impressive Bryce Canyon with its red and white rock formations.

From an American we learn, that the weather will turn into two days and a storm will bring plenty of snow.

As we say goodbye to dear in deeper and snow-free regions – in the desert to Nevada!

In Valley of Fire we make a stopover and want then in the gamblers' paradise Las Vegas.


“It is the prerogative of beauty,
that it does not need to be useful.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832)